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Final part of the holiday – Cincinnati

Phew, until at last right personal … Turns out that last day was the most full of inexperated things.
Starting with the fact that in Cincinnati it was holiday on the Monday after Easter and was to celebrate the opening of the baseball season. So unlike the other days, where we saw a quiet city, everything was complicated, red and white and congested.
As our return flight was only in the late afternoon, we decided to take advantage of the morning to explore a few missing places. But it was only to return to the center, where we had to go to go to the airport (which was actually in the neighboring city, in the state of Kentucky). I think we were more than an hour and a half in a traffic jam without purpose (well, you had a lot of streets closed, because i was having a parade, including parade of the players of the season), in a very marginalized areas of the city.
Well, we still arrived well in advance at the airport, and as time went by, we saw the weather outside change a lot. Clouds, rain coming in and with them, the delay of our flight because of a tornado warning for the area. Well, you’d better stay ashore at a time like this.
When we finally left, towards Chicago, where we would make a connection, we learned that the time for those sides was also not the best. It was a flight full of turbulence.
Arriving in Chicago, we learned that all flights were delayed due to the weather, which left us calm about the flight to Ottawa. We just forgot to count on the incessant rays in the airport area, which made us stay almost 2 hours trapped inside the aircraft (at that gate, the landing is done on the same runway, you go down the ladder and walk to the terminal). 
So, it’s not necessary to say that by the time we finally got to the gate of our flight, just across the airport, the plane had already left. Ai what anger that gave saw!
As a result, as it was the last flight of the night, we were put on the flight from 8 am the next day, no better chances and we won a discount voucher for a hotel. For those hours, we were very tired, fed up and extremely angry.
We found the hotel cheapest, just to rest the corpitcho and finally the next morning (when we would have to be working), we arrived back in Ottawa. That’s hard, but what counts is that we’ve arrived safe and sound.

Here are the last photos of the trip:
Complex where the Cincinnati Tennis Master Series takes place

Courts and bleachers were under renovation

Cincinnati Art Musem
Cincinnati Art Musem – Artificial Lake
A lot of people on the street…
Ai, there’s a little barbecue… only it was closed on Noon Monday… 🙁
On the other side of the bridge is Convington – Kentucky

The Ascent at Roebling’s Bridge
Interesting, isn’t it?

Inté personal…