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New York with family | Part II

Brooklin Bridge, New
On the 5th, we start the day (already close to lunch time, as usual), through the Financial District. Wall Street was our first stop, followed by charging bull (always crowded) and the adjascentes streets.
Then, basic walk to the area of the old twin towers, felled in the terrorist attack of September 11, 2001. Today, the area is very different from the one we visited in 2010, with the first building already ready, the entire memorial built and the 9/11 museum in operation. The visit to the memorial is free, already the museum is paid (but is included in the New York City Pass).
Next, our plan was to take the boat to the Liberty Island and we went to the same boarding point (from the 9/11 memorial to Battery Park, which is where the tour included in the NYC Pass) came from and it was about 20 minutes. Pena went to get there after 3 pm and find that the last boat to the island left at 3. Afff… Everybody got a little frustrated, but anyway. Good tip for those who will make this tour, do not arrive after 3 hehe.
To end the day we headed towards Brooklyn for a quick visit and dinner, but I did not count that the places I had pre-selected for our dinner would be so busy (DUMBO area), so we had to improvise and found a pizzeria beeem simple, only sold the same slices, but it was pretty cool the experience (i can't remember the name).
My intention was to walk across the Brooklyn Bridge this time, which I always have on my wishlist and we never managed to do. This time, the kids were tired at the end of the day and we didn't find parking easy, so the crossing was by car anyway. Always good to leave something for next time, isn't it?!
Federal Hall – On the corner of Broad and Wall St
Legs I want you for!
In our defense, the front of the buffalo was so full and there was no way to take a decent picture … Hehehe
And the view from Trinity Church, wall st.
9/11 Memorial… there are two monuments like this, huge, theoretically in the exact location of each of the towers.
1 World – new skyscraper in the area of the attacks
Subway station and circulation by architect Santiago Calatrava (not yet open to the public in May).
Memorial September 11th… photo taken a few minutes before the first plane collided with the tower.
Most of the museum is underground and shows part of the original structure of the towers (in the i place of origin)
Parts of the foundation
Fire truck suffered from photo and debris at the time of the collapse.
Reconstruction is still seen in adjascentes buildings
We walked towards Battery Park on West St and the views were very beautiful…
Alice and the Globes of Battery Park
Towards Brooklyn
Iconic Brooklin Bridge
Visuals of Brooklyn's famous buildings
So nice these staircases and doors, we can't resist.
Diego suggested going through the Barclays Center – Arena with hockey championship, concerts and events.
Dumbo – area with restaurants, playgrounds… just so full and we prefer not to try the luck …
Beautiful visuals
Bye-bye Brooklyn, see you next time.
Who wants to see more of the day and say well, of the whole trip.. the video is on our You Tube channel and is a general overview of every day we've been around New York.
Next and last post of the trip comes soon, including the tour of Liberty Island and in museums like the MET and Americal Museum of Natural History.