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IKEA Guide for Immigrants | the office

Long time no see… it took me longer i came back with another environment from the IKEA guide. Today with that environment that can become super important for newcomers, a small work placeholder, computer accessories, cables, the possible place where the illustrious wi-fi of the house will be plugged.
It is not a rule, but a space dedicated to the computer was very important to us at the beginning to make our corner a little more organized, since everything was half integrated and we shared a single small environment in living room, office and dining room.


Table, chair, a little place to store things and a light to illuminate the area. The table already comes with two built-in drawers and cable organizer (and can serve as a sideboard in the living room or entrance of the house in the future, when the house is larger) and the drawer can store not only work accessories, but also documents etc. The luminaire is adjustable and accepts LED lamp (which has to be purchased separately for $6.99!). Ready to catch up! 


  1. Table – ALEX Desk – CAD $159
  2. Chair – SNILLE swivel chair – CAD $26.99
  3. Drawer – HELMER drawer unit on caster – CAD $39.99
  4. Table lamp – FORSA work lamp – CAD $24.99


Always have a special touch to leave your home office with your face. It can be a watch that helps not only keep you punctual, but also beautify your wall and of course, this cork frame, where you can put scraps, photos and plans for the future. The shelf is super useful and can not only support frames (such as errands), such as picture frames, objects and books. The cable organizer is an extra, in case the chosen table does not come embedded or you have so many electronic devices… Wink!
Of course, not everything can work in the area you have in your home sweet home, but so is the idea.

          5. Wall clock – SIPPRA wall clock – C
AD $10 6. Message board – VAGGIS noticeboard – CA
D $6.99 7. Frame shelf – MOSSLANDA picture ledge – CAD
$12.99 8. Cable Organizer – SIGNUM cable management – CAD $12.99

The numbers of this environment were thus with the essentials for CAD $283.60 (including the 13% fees) and the legal ones to have cad for $48.55 (with 13% fees), for a total of CAD $332.15 for the office.

See you soon with the next post in the series!

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