Part III – Grand Prix du Canada – 2008

Hello guys,
Wow!! As time has passed flying this Canadian summer, so this post will be leaner, but objective, since the day-to-day has been rushed in these northern hemisphere lands.
Tips that can be useful for those who can venture into the automotive environment:
1. Sunscreen factor 30 or higher (as we took the biggest burn in history, I would take up if we had rain forecast hehe).
2. Portable chairs are a great idea if you bought the ticket for the “general admission”…
3. You can take everything a little: drinks, including alcoholic, snacks, marmite, chicken with farofa etc. A lousy hot dog with no sauce over there costs about $6.
4. Go very early if you want to take the best seats in the “general admission”, we arrived at 9am, and the start was at 1:00, and it was already full of people for everything. During this waiting time, you take the opportunity to see other small tests that occur.
5. On the way back we had to walk about 5km, because the taxis could not get close and parking lots were away.
6. Don’t give up on going through any of the above, it’s still very worth feeling and watching cars literally fly by, plus the deafening snoring of the engines 🙂

People already ready early…

Ferrari Formula

At camp: at that time the chairs would make a difference… Hehe
Gauchos dominating Formula 1 (i missed to complete the chimarrão fanatic quartet)
But bah tchê, what patriotism!! Brazil t-shirt and rio grande bombacha

Nelsinho Piquet at the pilot’s parade… (guess if the car with Barrichelo didn’t go empty?!!)
The máaaaquinas…
If anyone remembers, that was the time Alonso rode and left the race…
For the next post we promised some videos with the snoring machines. Now it’s too late to upload… Hehehe…
Hugs to everyone!