Part II – Ville de Québec

Hi all
Today I come to post, mostly photos, our tour of Ville de Québec. We were there, me, Diego, Ari and Lourdes, on Saturday, June 7, coming from Montreal where we were staying in a super comfortable inn, whose owners are very fine people say in passing.
Well, we decided to go back and forth the same day, since the next morning we’d go to Formula One.
We had already imagined and had heard that the city was beautiful and really confirmed itself. Ville de Quebec proved to be a charming city, being for its historic architecture or for its natural beauties. The main sights are basically located in the same area of the city and I will give more details along with the photos.
Enjoy it!

Ari, Lourdes, Diego and I in the Provincial Parliament of Québec.
Scale of importance from the bottom up… Hehe
Entrance of parliament
Rue Grande Alée E
One of the accesses to Citadelle, which are walls that surrounded the ancient city. First built in the 17th century, they were partially destroyed by the British in the Franco-Indian War. The present walls were built between 1820 and 1831.
View from the top of the Citadel
You have to go prepared for a good walk, the trails are beautiful.
In the background, the Port and the Lawrence River
Beautiful view of the Chateau Frontenac Hot
Diego detail in gazeb
Looks like a make-up under there, doesn’t i
Ruins and foundations exposed to Chateau Fronten
Rue St.Louis, Louis
Café de Paris, but in Québec
Another nice alle
A more contemporary view of Quebec Cit

Musée National de Beaux-Arts du Québec
Still the Museum of Fine Arts
Our “Ferrari” through the streets of Ville de Québec
Look at the blonde and the brunette tchan strolling through Québec … Lol