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Canadian maritime provinces with children

Beautiful view of Lunenburg – NS
Who recently followed our fb page and my Instagram must have seen that we went to meet three new Canadian provinces that we have not yet known, New Brunswick, Prince Edward Island (PEI) and Nova Scotia and we took the opportunity to celebrate diego's birthday during the trip.
They are the so-called Canadian maritime provícias and that are to the east of the country, by the Atlantic Ocean, beautiful places, filled with a lot of history and customs of their own.
I'm preparing posts for each of the major cities we visited in the provinces, Moncton, Charlottetown and Halifax and a super long video of all the tours, but in the meantime, I leave you with a sneak peak until the posts come out.
Our flight was direct, Ottawa-Moncton and super quiet. Nowadays, we can book only 3 seats, since Diana is not yet two years old and can go in her lap (although I think she could already have her seat), but so we save on airfare, at least until the end of the year.
We rented a car to drive to our return flight, which would be from Halifax. So we could do our own routine, with the schedules that fit with our tours and the girls. We had to drive to little places and interesting places around the larger cities and of course, between the provinces, but there is always time to visit everything. Good thing there's always reason to come back… Hehe
Our world traveler still at Ottawa Airport – hehehe
Flying over Montreal
Spending time with books: surprise gift to distract
Arriving at the small but organized airport of Moncton – New Brunswick
To make the trip possible with the children, our mornings began without haste, with quiet breakfast and sometimes even with a jump in the pool in the morning. We always took snack options for the girls to get distracted during the walks and a lot of patience. We also took an umbrella-style stroller and a baby carrier (kangaroo style) for Diana to wear, but Alice was the one who used the cart the most (and/or our lap, along with Diana). I'm glad we're working on the biceps… Ehehe
Daily swimming session
Best area for children in a restaurant I've ever seen… i'll tell you more details in Moncton's post
Hopewell Rocks – New Brunswick – with high tide
The color of sand in the region
Shediac-NB and its tourism and culinary icon, lobster…
Shediac Beach – New Brunswick
Beaches in the province of Prince Edward Island (PEI) – loongas and with few people
Cavendish Beach – pei's best-known beach
Reddish-brown sand
Strategic pause to burn energy – gorgeous playground in Halifax (tale more in the post)
Public Gardens in Halifax and we drop the "pets" loose… Hehe
Halifax Centre – Boardwalk/Harbourfront
Harbourfront/Boardwalk in Halifax, Halifax
Every kitty along the way is a click!
There was little film on the tablet to distract while the food doesn't arrive – oh yes it did!!!
Birthday girl of the trip!! Congratulations Diego!!
Soon I will return with the details of the cities and provinces! Wait…