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Sandbanks Canada
Sandbanks – Outlet Beach
Hey guys! Last weekend was feriadão and we took the Friday off to ride a 4-day mini-vacation. We combine with dear friends of Mississauga to enjoy a beach and take a walk through the region of Prince Edward County, Kingston and 1000 Islands, where there are several beautiful places. Today I’m going to tell you a little bit about the beach.
We drove about 2h45min +stops, from Ottawa to Sandbanks, on the shores of Lake Ontario. Yes, if you thought the beach was saltwater was mistaken, the beach is lake, but no shame does not.
The area offers several beaches, all within the Sandbanks Provincial Park. We ended up getting there only around 1 pm and we didn’t even choose much, we went straight to Outlet Beach, one of the most frequented in the area.
The sand is fine and the water, surprisingly, was not so cold, clean and with light undulations, perfect for children. This summer has been good for us here. 🙂
Where: Sandbanks Provincial Park is in Prince Edward County, Ontario. 3:00 a.m. from Ottawa and 2:20 a.m. from Toronto.
How much: CAD$ 17 per car to enter the park and already inside, do not need to pay parking.
Access: You park in several locations along the street. There is a dune between the parking lot and the beach itself. Needless to say, it’s very difficult to take a stroller (we don’t even take it), but I saw people going up and down the dune with it on their arm ehhehe).
Infrastructure: Not much. Few toilets (I only saw one along Outlet Beach, as far as we park), but had a place to change clothes at least (simple beem). There are no bars, noising stools or vendors on the beach, no rental of chairs and sunguards, so you have to take everything from home.
Verdict: Too bad we haven’t met before! Now we’re looking to go every year!
A few pictures of the day:
Alice didn’t even show up in the few pictures we took — didn’t want to get out of the water
Castelinhos or holes in the sand
Diana playing with Oliver – dynamic duplinha!
It’s like ocean!
Sandbanks Ontario
Goldfish number 2 in lap and number 1 running away to water…
Kisses and until the next – visit to the city of Kingston!