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Saratoga Springs / Lake George on Thanksgiving…

Hello guys,  

As I said, we took advantage of the Thanksgiving holiday to set foot on the road once again.

This time, we agreed to meet the dearest Gadi and Suzi and their two dolls, Ana and Gabi, in Saratoga Spring – Lake George, New York, about 5 hours here from Ottawa.

It was a kind of atypical ride, because in addition to not having run crazy as we always do on our trips and not taking a few trocentas photos, this time Dexter was with us (he behaved super well, being that his first trip).

We took the opportunity to walk without much haste, enjoy friends and let Dex have some fun.   We left shortly after 6 am on Saturday, we passed again by the border (this time the officer of the first cabin was a little grumpy and with excessive pre-disposition for questions … eita).

I don’t know if I commented, but even having the American visa and being a permanent resident in Canada, you have to go in there and scoop fingerprints, answer more questions and pay a fee. All this for them to put an extra piece of paper stapled to your visa in your passport, which gives “free” access to the States for 6 months.

As the nice guy at chicago airport removed our newly acquired little paper (acquired when we went to Boston) at the time of our return to Canada, we had to go there to do the process again (nothing so boring, but it wastes time right).

Dex didn’t even need a visa, so he’s Canadian, right… Hehehe… Seriously, they didn’t even ask for his vaccine papers or anything, but it’s good to always take it, because he can order it.

Well, during Saturday and Sunday, we walked in the outlets they had around the region, did some shopping and chatted a lot.

Monday, early on, we took our way back home and after 1h and a half waiting at the border to enter Canada, we went for a hop in Montreal (it’s kind of on the way back), or rather, Laval, at gadi and suzi’s house , for another delicious little dinner…

Thanks friends!! Again, it was great to meet you…

On the way… rain and cold…
Beautiful autumn colors…
Lake George , NY
Suzi and I
Each with his own puppy… Hehe
Aninha took care of Dex right… he loved it!
Happy Family!
Beautiful autumn colors in Lake George
Notre petite famille!
View of the Lake
Dexter loved playing with Ana…
Fort Willian Henry – we did not visit by the way.. Hehe
Dexter and Diego
Motel where we stayed – In the States the most in mind hotels are called so… It has nothing to do with the Brazilian motels saw!
Diego playing with Aninha…
Us and cute Gabi… Diego even took her in his lap this time, i liked to see love!
Streets of Saratoga Springs
Saratoga Springs, California

Kisses and even,