Our episode of House Hunters International!

And our secret is out!! About 8 months ago, we filmed an episode of House Hunters International for HGTV in Frankfurt!

Of course, it was a hard secret to keep for all these months, taking all the casting process and filming included. A lot of back and forth, paperwork, casting video and getting quite out of our comfort zone.

But when we decided to move abroad with everything we owned (Canada to Germany), I joked with Diego about being on the show and he said: “why not?”. Diego and I have always watched the show, still in Canada. We loved the idea of knowing a bit of the cities and housing market, featured on the show.

And the funniest thing happened, I applied for HHI, but I also was contacted by the show’s casting member, completely separately, which makes me think we were really meant to be on the show.

The five days of filming were very intense! Long days, getting used to the camera and how things are put together. Overall, we learned so much and had a lot of fun, specially considering that was not even in our radar, just a few months earlier.

We have not seen the episode yet, which is set to be released very soon. I really can’t wait! Will I hate everything I said? Will I like the way I looked on TV?
Soon, we will see…

As soon as we have a release date I will update here or check our Instagram page for daily updates!