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Our last stop on the old continent was in Seville and despite being at the end of the trip and we were already a little tired, the city ended up closing our first visit to Spain with a golden key. You know the first thing that crossed my mind while walking down some alleyways in town? What a romantic city, a good option to spend your honeymoon. Only then I went to read that yes, Seville is considered one of the most romantic cities in Spain.
We took the early train in Valencia and arrived in about 4 hours later in Seville, the city of flamenco. The trip is quiet, made by high-speed train.
And as always, we arrived and we’ve been hitting leg, without wasting time. We stayed approximately 2 and a half days in the city, walking almost all day, in the greatest heat!! Ufa!

1st DAY

  1. Metropol Parasol
  1. Calle Sierpes
  1. Alleys and squares along the way (we don’t remember the name)
  1. Ayuntamiento of Sevilla
  1. Seville Cathedral (outside)
  1. La Giralda, Florida
  1. Plaza del Triunfo, California
  1. Patio de Banderas
With the heat of 40ºC, we could not even go for a walk with the girls in the late morning, when we arrived. We wait for the heat to drop a bit and we selected some sights from our hotel (see information about the hotel at the end of the post).
We saw many nice little places, alleys and inviting restaurants. I loved, particularly, the fabrics on the streets, to soften the strong sun (and heat) of Seville.
Metropol Parasol
Metropol Parasol – architect’s work
Metropol Parasol
My loves
Seville, New Ville
Charm of the streets of Seville
Ayuntamiento of Sevilla
Ayuntamiento de Sevilla (seville prefecture) – in the background
Sevilla Cathedral
Side of Sevilla Cathedral
La Giralda, Florida
La Giralda (tower) and my 3 loves with the statue of the Pope
Sevilla Cathedral
Sevilla Cathedral
Old city wall of Seville
Cathedral and Ancient City Wall
Patio de Banderas – ancient archaeological site – right there under the sand – we had no idea of it when we visited… Oops…

2nd DAY

  1. Plaza de España, Spain
  1. Seville Cathedral (inside)
  1. La Giralda (from above)
  1. Real Alcázar de Sevilla
Second day, we booked for a tour to Plaza de España and the Real Alcázar de Sevilla.
The two are beautiful, but the Real Alcázar was surprising, both for the beauty and for the size. We spent about 3 hours there, wandering the various palaces, gardens and environments, all very well maintained and with those incredible visuals of Spanish architecture mixed with Moroccan influence (Morocco is very close to Seville, approximately 4 hours – by the Strait of Gibraltar).
Alice was especially inspired for photos, which is not very common today, so she went out posing in several, in the most diverse places of the palace complex.
Access to the Real Alcázar takes place through the Puerta de León, one of the openings in the ancient wall that surrounded Seville and then passing through the Patio de Banderas.
Plaza de Espanã
Plaza de España – so wide and well cared for
Plaza de Espanã
So many details!
Plaza de Espanã
Spanish tiles to fill the eyes!
Plaza de Espanã
My favorite trio
Plaza de Espanã
You can do little boat rides there…
Seville Cathedral
Cathedral of Seville – now by the inner courtyard.
And ancient city wall super well preserved
Seville Cathedral
Patio of Seville Cathedral
Sevilla Cathedral
Super ornate the informer of the Cathedral of Seville
La Giralda, Florida
Diego and Alice climbed the Giralda Tower, inside the Cathedral – the path to the top is made all by a steep ramp (not recommending for families with stroller – I tried and gave up (there’s leg and arm)
La Giralda, Florida
View of La Giralda
Sevilla Cathedral
Interior of the Cathedral
Real Alcázar de Sevilla
Access to The Real Alcázar de Sevilla
Real Alcázar de Sevilla
Patio de la Monteria and the access door to the Palacio de Pedro I
Real Alcázar de Sevilla
 Internal courtyards in the Real Alcázar de Sevilla
Real Alcázar de Sevilla
Interiors – staircases and tiles
Patio de las Doncellas
Interior of the palace – Patio de las Doncellas
Our Maiden and Capilla
Arch of acceso to the salón de Embajadores (Palacio mudejar) and the dome of the same hall.

Watertight mercurio, alberca and galería del Grutesco.

Details and more details

Where to stay and where to eat?

Our hotel was the America Hotel and it was great for us 4. You can walk to the Metropol Parasol and Calle Sierpes (and almost everything else, we went on foot even).
We love a little place called El Patio San Eloy, super friendly and with one of the best montadillos (traditional Spanish sandwiches) of the whole trip. Super good price and well local environment.
We also recommend the restaurant Bodega Góngora, which had the outdoor tables, under those fabrics at the top of the buildings blocking a little of the sun, in a friendly alley, with water vapor over our heads (so useful in the Spanish heat) and with super seafood Appetizing. I’ll never forget the meal we had there.
It is also registered here the restaurant La Raza, a few meters from the Plaza de Espanã, with delicious tapas and a super cool atmosphere. We had lunch under a vine (yes, grapes), with artificial lawn on the floor, iron tables (like those of garden) and feeling the delicious water spray under our heads, great to refresh.
El Patio San Eloy Sevilla
El Patio San Eloy
El Patio San Eloy Sevilla
Interior of El Patio – ham!!
El Patio San Eloy Sevilla
Our montadillos – mini sandwiches of the most diverse flavors – several of them with ham, of course!
El Patio San Eloy Sevilla
El Patio, New
Bodega Góngora
Bodega Góngora
Mini burger for Alice
Bodega Góngora
La Raza Sevilla
In the courtyard of La Raza restaurant
La Raza Sevilla
Water sprays to cool the Spanish heat

So that’s it guys – finally!! our posts from Spain have come to an end. Wait for many videos that will arrive on our YouTube channel. One from Seville will be available this week there… please, access there.

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