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IKEA Guide for Immigrants | the room

It's time for the room, a super popular environment in every house, isn't it? They say that the kitchen is the heart of every home, but I know a lot of people who use direct tele-delivery and use the room as a work environment, meals, receive friends and etc, so I think a super important environment.
In our first apartment, which was an egg by the standards here, we combined dining room, office and living room itself, in the same environment. It was not an architectural strategy necessarily, it was really necessary, because there were no other spaces available in our 53 m².
I selected some super cool items for this post and I confess that I am always rethinking and repositioning the furniture here from home, hence the importance of buying the right things or easy to adapt, because many of our furniture has been following us since our early days here in Canada.

ESSENTIALS (the most essential)

I am in a very phase of Scandinavian / Nordic design, which for those who do not know, refers a lot to white, black and gray in decoration, straight lines and simple / minimalist spaces.
This may not be your style, but as I always say, IKEA has pieces to accompany the most diverse styles of interior decoration and architecture, so be confident that your home will come out your face.
But speaking more specifically of my selection above, everything very clean and simple, but functional and adaptable. The sofa was my dilemma of the group, because I liked much more the design of others, but considering the cost / benefit, this was the chosen (and it's very cute). I point out that I super indicate natural or artificial leather (something that IKEA has only recently started to offer), for practicality. Our living room sofa tolerates two children, two adults and two dogs, day after day, is leather and white on top of it (ours is not from IKEA, but do not know what would be of a fabric sofa… probably have already gone to waste).
Another point to note, as in the bedrooms, many of the living rooms around here have no light on the ceiling, being essential table and floor lamps. Here's the tip.
Many of the products selected for this group have other color options. Check through the links directly on the IKEA website for alternatives.
  1. Sofa – SKOGABY sofa – CAD $899
  2. Floor lamp – HOLMO floor lamp – CAD $8.99
  3. Coffee table – RISSNA coffee table – CAD $129
  4. Floating shelf – black – LACK wall shelf – CAD $19.99
  5. Side table – LACK side table – CAD $9.99
  6. Bookcase – BILLY bookcase – CAD $69
  7. TV mobile – HAGGE TV bench – CAD $149

GOOD TO HAVE (cool to have)

       8.   Cushion cover – GULLKLOCKA cushion cover – CAD $7.99

       9.   Cushion – MATTRAM cushion – CAD
$5.99 10. Frame shelf – RIBBA picture ledge – CAD $1
4.99 11. Cushion filling – FJADRAR inner cushion – C
AD $7 12. Rug – GORLOSE rug – CAD $2
9.99 13. Curtains with black out – MARJUN block out curtain – CAD
$69.99 14. Table lamp – HOLMLIDEN table lamp – CAD $3
9.99 15. Square frame – RIBBA frame – CAD $
18.99 16. Rectangular frame – RIBBA frame – CAD $19.99

Honorable mention in this category for the shelf for frames, which is super versatile and can hold not only frames such as picture frames and other favorite objects. I also like the carpet and the combination cushion cover and filling, buying separately has more options and comes out a little cheaper (except for a few cushions, as is the case of the kitten).
Frame frames are super interesting too. IKEA has several options of frames and posters ready, but my suggestion is to buy the only photo frames (which are ultra popular around here, every house has) and put art or personal photos, of your authorship or taste, to make your home even more personalized.
As a BONUS, I selected the rocking chair below, which can give a special charm and at the same time be very useful as an extra place to sit in the room. We have this one and it's really comfortable. And of course, television, which not everyone has a way to invest right away, is a darling of the living room (we even got our first 3 to 4 months without TV at home). IKEA does not sell electronics such as TVs and DVD players, but I selected an example in the best-known store in this business, BEST BUY (there are numerous options there).
Rocking chair – IKEA PS GULLHOLMEN rocking chair – CAD $69.99
TV – SAMSUNG 48" 1080P HD LED smart tv – CAD $699.99
The calculations of this environment were in essential (CAD $1284.97) + good to have (CAD $214.92) + bonus (CAD $769.98) for the grand total of CAD $2564.95, including 13% of fees in Ontario.
Good luck with shopping and access the previous posts below: 

NOTE: I will make a post about the assembly of furniture to compose the series, since this part is part of the "package" IKEA. I'll talk about the tools and techniques soon.