Whistler BC | Canada

We woke up early (6:00 today) to go to Whistler! We left around 7:30 am and arrived at Whistler 2 hours later, and on the way beautiful landscapes, works all over the stretch because of the Winter Olympics in 2010. Getting there, we went to the information center to schedule our day there, in the meantime it started to snow! Eeeeee! It was very little more already you could feel the floquinho hitting the face. Unfortunately the ski season had not started yet, because the mountains were little snowy… But to enjoy the day we schedule (just me and Diego) a quadricicle ride (ATV- all terrain vehicle). While it was not time for the tour we were the 4 to know a trail and a nearby monhanha that could be done by car. The trail was narrow and we barely made it around with the Grand Caravan, but the scenery was stunning. The time has come for our ATV adventure, which was muiiito legal, all properly equipped and covered with waterproof jackets, gloves, helmet, wellies, glasses etc… We walk through various places in the mountains, muds, holes, ice etc. almost everything at high speed!! muiita adrenalide!!! And in the end we still talk to the people in the group. After that, we found the Ari and Lourdes who were in the village looking at the shops and we took our way back to Vancouver. We had dinner again at the Greek restaurant White Tower.

Not a lot of snow…