Victoria B.C.

We woke up a little early today to go to Victoria. And yes! It’s raining! Hehe
We left the hotel before 9am and went to the center to stop by bus where we started our very long journey by the way. This first bus took 45 minutes. We arrived at the 2nd stop to take the bus to bcferries. Well, we made it in time to catch the 11:00 boat. We arrived at the island after 1h40min of crossing, and we need to take another bus to get to Victoria, which took another hour.
We arrived in Victoria almost 2:00 p.m. We had lunch and then went after information to go visit Hatley Castle, but unfortunately we found that it would not be possible, because it was almost 16 hs and the castle closed at 17h and was still +/- 1h bus until then.
So we went to know more Victoria, which is a very friendly little town. We visited the Empress hotel, parliament, Madame Tissot’s wax museum. We bought some gifts and decided to return to Vancouver since it would be another 4 hours of travel back.
We ended up arriving at the hotel, sold out and hungry. We went to dinner at the White Tower restaurant in front of the hotel, which has Greek dishes on its menu. We ordered the Tiger praws souvlak, very tasty.