Spa day

* Dear readers – thanks for the affectionate comments in the last post! We are super happy to have completed this step… I responded to the comments below each one… Merci/thanks!

Last Saturday I had a relaxing morning, one of those rarely seen around here. I went to wear my Mother's Day present to a spa about 20 minutes from home, right on the edge of Gatineau Park. According to their website, Le Nordik Spa-Nature, located just minutes from Ottawa in the Chelsea-QC region and opened in 2005, has been expanded to become the largest in North America with its unique facilities, with 7 outdoor pools, 7 saunas , infinity pool, restaurant, lounge and cabanas. Like most spas, you have choice of the most diverse types of massages, treatments and such a Källa treatment, which is to take a relaxing bath in the second largest saltwater- floating pool in the world. 


Central area of the spa – you can bathe in this little bunch there in the corner of the photo too …
Photo by LeNordik Spa-Nature website
Sunbathing area
Photo by LeNordik Spa-Nature website

Warm swimming pool
Photo by LeNordik Spa-Nature website

One of the relax areas
Photo by LeNordik Spa-Nature website

Cold pool (this was not no)…
Photo by LeNordik Spa-Nature website

Infinity pool
Photo by LeNordik Spa-Nature website

Treatment KällaFoto by LeNordik Spa-Nature website
To add, they have a super friendly cabin for group rentals, where up to 12 people can sleep. Inmagino that works well in business meetings, bachelor parties (no noise – it's a spa-zen). The morning I was there, I saw many bachelorette parties, couples and friends, circling the saunas and swimming pools.

Spa also in winter
Photo by LeNordik Spa-Nature website
Exterior view of hut
Photo by LeNordik Spa-Nature website

Inside view of hut
Photo by LeNordik Spa-Nature website

I learned about this spa a long time ago and had already presented Diego with a massage there and I myself had already been there once for a massage too, but I returned for treatment for feet and baths this time. The spa even opens during the winter and the staff uses the heated pools with negative temperatures, more interesting thing to see (we have not tested yet, but who knows one day…).

I also think the idea of a spa day, a great idea to gift someone, but an even better idea for yourself to give and relax. I went alone and despite having tested all the pools (the heated ones), I think it's better to go with company… 🙂 It is certain that the prices are not very reasonable, but there from time to time you can afford it. There is the option of picking up packages with massages and baths, among other treatments and even meals, and also separately, which favors the most different preferences and pockets.

My view of the infinity pool – warm water – delight!
My moment relax – I stayed there about 2 minutes … hehehehehehehe
Foot treatment/massage – the girl mummified me!

One of the coolest things I found is that the spa has a whole self-sustaining proposal. There are several measures taken by them to reduce the impact on the environment: 

Green commitment

  • recycling of paper, plastic, glass and metal;
  • reduction of the consumption of plastic bottles in the spa;
  • reuse of materials such as stone, wood and earth;  
  • Rainwater harvesting for gardening purposes and decorative water fountains; 
  • Recycling of water for use in toilets;
  • Composting of organic waste; 
  • Conservation of energy and electricity with sensors and computerized systems; 
  • Documents printed only on recyclable paper; 
  • Use of geothermal renewable energy;
  • Use of wood from certified/ecologically responsible forests.