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St. Thomas – Virgin Islands | Caribbean Cruise

After boarding the ship (post on the ship comes soon) and enjoy the night at night on the high seas, the next morning it’s time to enjoy the beach.
St. Thomas is close to Puerto Rico and is a district of the United States Virgin Islands, incorporated territory of the United States. The capital is Charlotte Amalie and is where the port where we landed is. The whole island has just over 51,000 inhabitants.
As soon as we disembarked, we informed ourselves about the interesting beaches and not far away and chose to visit the beach of Magens Bay (also had already read that it was one of the best for 1 day visitors), on the other side of the island, about 15 minutes by taxi. Speaking of taxi, on many of the islands, individual taxis are a myth, you don’t see one. They are usually vans or vans with rear seats, as was the case in St. Thomas.
Admiring Ship St. Thomas
Beautiful day ahead
Shopping mall in the port – many shops of precious stones and jewelry stores… too bad I didn’t take myself piggy bank… Hahaha
Our taxi to Magens Bay
On the way to Magens Bay
$4 per adult fee to enter Magens Bay Beach
Clear, warm water…
I miss you already… Magens Bay proved to be a quiet and very private beach…
Many people on the ship buy the activity packages and so the beach is not full…
Alice felt at home – it seems she was born on the beach…
With no parasols and chairs on this beach, we camped under a tree right…
Lunch break…
Detail: I think on all the islands, i didn’t have much choice of healthy food on the beach.
Holy Tablet of Hard Hours – Let’s Pray
Returning to the ship….
Our little girl took advantage of the taxi to sleep and continued until almost the time we got on the ship.
Detail: Queue to return to the ship I did not expect … families with a child (or those with children in their lap) have no preference… 🙁
St. Thomas ranked 4th out of the 5 beaches we visited. Our questions included, among others: the beach itself, the visuals, the water, the convenience and the tranquility.
I come with details of the ship in the next post of the series… Wait… First post of the series:San Juan – Puerto Rico – Part I | Caribbean Cruise