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Trip to Negril in Jamaica

For our trip to Negril in Jamaica we once again decided to leave from Montreal, as the vacation package was a lot cheaper. This was Arthur’s first flight, and he did really well, sleeping for the most part. The girls are already used to it, but normally fight against sleeping, and only did towards the end. Of course they were exhausted when we arrived.

Waiting for our flight in Montreal
RIU Negri

The least cool part of the trip was the arrival at Montego Bay airport, that had a huge and slow customs queue. It was really hot without air conditioning, and too much for the three tired/restless children to handle.

Airport in Montego Bay with the huge customs line…

The Resort

The resort was about 1:30 hours from the airport, and it was probably our least favorite part of the trip.

RIU Negri
Swimming pool at the Riu Negril resort
RIU Negril
One of the main pools
Main pool
RIU Negri
Quieter pool near our room
RIU Negril
Path from our room to the main resort area
RIU Negril
Path from main entrance towards the kids area
RIU Negril
RIU Negri
RIU Negril
RIU Negril

But we arrived right at the hotel, only it was already 2:00 in the morning. The next morning, we started the holidays themselves.  All inclusive is a wonder right. The food was very varied and although not deserving of a gastronomy award, had several tasty things (and always something simple for girls).

There were 4 restaurants available for dinner (steakhouse, Italian, oriental and bistro), plus the usual buffet. We tested the first three and the steakhouse was the only one we’d come back to. The bistro was a bit too “fancy” for our kids, so instead of having them complaining, we just decided to skip it altogether – to be honest, the menu didn’t really make us miss not going.

And for breakfast and lunch it was always buffet style, like a huge abundance, as I said before. A few different dishes each day, but many things repeated, some of them our favorites. The drink was included, from juices, beers, drinks with rum and soft drinks.

Our room was spacious but without sea views. It was in the last block of rooms (2-storey buildings), so a bit “far” from the restaurants and central part of the resort. But it was good walk for us, and we enjoyed the views and scenery. 🙂

The Beach

The hotel is in Negril, where I had seen beautiful beaches, but our beach was not the most beautiful we have ever been in the Caribbean. I think that was the weak spot for me. But as we have to find something good in everything, the water was very calm, almost a pool even and with a good temperature, which was good for girls to play without us worrying so much.

RIU Negril

In terms of entertainment, they had some shows at night, but we did not stay to watch, because the class was already tired at those hours (8 or 9 pm). But he had a few Jamaican-themed nights, karaoke and stuff. There was luau too, which we stayed a little and had some activities in the pool and beach that we did not even participate. We were really just enjoying the family, pools and beach.

The entertainment for children I found very weak, in my mother of 3 opinion. I’m glad the girls didn’t even care about that. There was an interactive children’s schedule on stage, but the girls lost interest at first. In the children’s area (swimming pool), they also found it bland after the first or second time. The children’s club didn’t have anything interesting to them and so we didn’t even use it.

They really loved the sea and especially the pools, that was the highlight for them. We took arm buoys and inflatable pets for them to use and it was great.

  With regard to taking a new baby to a resort in the Caribbean, I believe it is very quiet, since they still do not play the sand, do not eat (Arthur was only 3.5 months old when we were only breastfed) and do not even drink water. Then the risk of contamination is minimal. Arthur enjoyed the sea and the pool, very moderately and fell asleep under the trees by the beach. Not even the 45-degree heat he complained about.


I think overall the experience was super positive. Girls always say they want to come back, a sign they really liked. I’d give the 8.5/10 score for the whole experience.
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