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Nepean Point Ottawa
When we have visitors from afar, we always take the opportunity to tourist a little here in Ottawa even too. There's always someone who comes who doesn't know any area yet or always has who (and includes us) who want to revisit some favorite locations in the heart of the Canadian capital.
Behim we chose a hot Sunday to stroll around downtown Ottawa with the whole gang. One of the points we haven't visited in a while now and that just confirmed it's a great spot to add to the Ottawa itinerary is Nepean Point. This "lookout" is behind the National Gallery of Canada, bordering on yours that goes to Alexandra Bridge. It's not a long walk from Byward Market and well say, nor if you're in Parliament, then it's well worth it, in my opinion. From there you can see almost everything important, with a privileged view.
Check out some of the photos of the day:
Alexandra Bridge and the Canadian Museum of History (in Gatineau)…
View of Nepean Point to downtown Ottawa and our oldest flower…
Postcard voucher right… Nepean Point, New
Parliament Hill (back) and Ottawa River
National Gallery of Canada and Notre-Dame Cathedral
The spider, or rather the Mamam sculpture, by the artist Louise Bourgeois
Maman, Pennsylvania
National Gallery of Canada
For those who don't know, there's amphibious buses in Ottawa and it should be a great ride,,,
View of Canada's Parliament from Major's Hill Park
Connaught Building – historic building in Ottawa (which could have come out on 6 on 6 this month! ). Today it houses the offices of the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA), which handles taxes…
Super busy location in Ottawa – In front of Chateau Laurier (which appeared on Six on Six – June) and looking at the Rideau Centre..
The Rideau Canal is right there too…
Glass structure of the Shaw Centre, formerottawa convention centre, where my post graduation was in 2011.
awnnn.. The Rideau Canal – to one side
See here photos of the frozen area…
And the Rideau Canal – to the other side
Photo bonus – from ByWard Market.. flowery!
Kisses and see you next time!