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New York City with family | Part I

The two looks are beautiful, but I prefer those sitting…
Who followed my instagram a few weeks ago, we spent almost 1 week in New York, in the company of Diego's sister, her husband and our goddaughter / nephew beautiful.
New York City is that thing, as much as you go there multiple times over the years, there are always things to do, explore and revisit. Spring leaves the city super beautiful (and super full – say in passing). See our tours there in 2008, 2010, 2011 and 2012.
We rented a car and drove, the four of us, from Ottawa to Secaucus, where our hotel was. By the way, we always stay on the outskirts of Manhattan, in the state of New Jersey, to find hotels with more affordable prices (;and only us or someone else finds a dread the prices of hotels in Manhattan people?!), after all, for us, the hotel only serves even to sleep and take bath, because we want to use the days to visit Manhattan and not be enjoying the hotel (in this case).
We chose the Meadowlands River Inn, which provided us with what we were looking for: interesting price, clean room with two beds, bathroom with bathtub, breakfast included and easy access to New York. Also bonus, the rooms in front of the hotel had a beautiful view of the big apple, point for them!
It took us almost 9 hours to arrive, basically because of the numerous stops hehehhe, but it was all quiet. We rented a mini-van, because on the way back we would be bringing the family together, so we needed a bigger car (with 3 child seats!).
On the first full day, in addition to picking up the family's share at JFK airport, coming straight from Brazil, we chose to visit woodbury premium outlets (without Diego, who went to Toronto for work), which is approximately 1 h from where we were in Secaucus (and we were very close to Manhattan). It's very quiet to drive there, with a lot of traffic, but no traffic jams (or maybe we got lucky that day, I don't know?!).
On the other days, many tours, strategic stops to meet the little ones and lots of things seen.

Pictures? Oh yes yes and many — come on? Day 1 to 4.

crossing Canada - USA
Bridge dividing Canada and the United States
small travelers
Our little travelers
Meadowlands River Inn, New
View from our hotel room
Manhattan in spring
Nice to see you again NYC
Central Park, New
Central Park Paths
 One of the attractions at the top of our list was the Central Park Zoo. We figured the kids would love it and they really liked it. It's a good ride, not too long and with several options of stops. Admission includes access to the attached Tisch Children's Zoo, and the girls loved it and you can save 10% if you buy online in advance.
Central Park Zoo, New
Central Park Zoo, New
Central Park Zoo, New
Diana impressed… Hehe
Central Park Zoo, New
Brazil guy?
Diego and our beautiful godson David
Tisch Children's Zoo
Tisch Children's Zoo
Tisch Children's Zoo
Tisch Children's Zoo
Tisch Children's Zoo
Alice felt herself the spider girl herself!
Central Park, New
Central Park and its interesting corners
Central Park with children
Central Park, New
Views of Central Park
Central Park, New
Central Park with children
Me and my little adventurer – meeesmus – because if you let her run without looking back.. Hehe
St Patrick's Cathedral, New
St Patrick's Cathedral, New
Plaza Hotel, California
Plaza Hotel – pure glamour… Hehe
Mandatory pass in Times Square. I should add that after 5 years without visiting, I found the amount of screens incredibly larger… what a surreal place!!
*Some areas are in the works, which bothers a little, but the lights only grow… Hehe
Times Square, New York
Renan, Adri, David, our travel partners…
Alice touristing in the best way… Hehehe
Times Square, New York
Loved the lights!!
The next day, the first stop was at the Empire State Building. We bought the New York City Pass which entitles you to some attractions, including the Empire State. We didn't get long lines, which was great.
The visuals upstairs are always exciting, I can't deny it.
Streets of New York
Streets of New York City
Manhattan view, Manhattan
I'm just saying one thing, wow!
Empire State Building, Texas
My little girl loves the wind from up there… Hehe
Empire State Building, Texas
Family selfie, claaaro!
New York Public Library
New York Public Library – who remembers the movie "The Day After Tomorrow" ?
Next stop, Madame Tussauds museum. I don't know if Alice or Diana liked it more… ran, interacted with celebrities (hehe) and even danced. It was worth it, especially since it was having an area of Marvel Avengers, which Alice and we, well say, love.
Buying in advance, we save about 30%, is the tip. It is even worth buying by mobile, just before visiting (where you will have to choose the time of the visit).
Madame Tussauds NYC
Diana and Scarlet Johansson – Alice and Jennifer Lopez
Madame Tussauds NYC
Serena Williams and I
I'm sorry, Messi, but I couldn't resist! Hehe
Alice and her favorite, Taylor Swift
Madame Tussauds NYC
In the Avengers area – Alice thought it was real… Hehe
Diana and I couldn't resist and really grabbed… HahahaMadame Tussauds NYC
My private secret agent in holiday attire… Hehe

Then we went to see the top of the rock visuals at the Rockfeller Center which has the best views of Manhattan in our opinion. Beautiful visuals from Central Park, the Empire State Building and the Financial District. The visit is also part of the New York City Pass.

Top of the Rock
The green heart in the stone jungle – Central Park
Top of the Rock
Official photo of the trip – did not leave much of the landscape, but hey, everyone went out looking at the photo and without crying! Loved!
Top of the Rock
Oh New York – ô city without equal!
One more for the souvenir!

Well, there are more photos and tips coming… Wait…
Tell me what else you want to see!