Tulip Festival | Ottawa 2016

This year I couldn't help but check out the Tulip Festival in Ottawa (or Canadian Tulip Festival) as spring was being mild, with ideal temperatures for these flowers. Yes, I know, it's in my city, but this time of year is usually full of activities and in the two weeks that the festival takes place, there is not always time to go to one of the parks and admire with time.
Because this year, I promised that I would and although I stayed super for the last minute (the next day, we were going to travel), I ended up quickly passing through one of the festival's locations, on the banks of Dows Lake, in Commissioners Park, just me and the girls. We visited only a small area of the whole park, but we saw beautiful gardens and a colorful eye-filling. The festival attracts about 600,000 visitors every year. In 2017, it will take place from May 12-22, and it's a great time of year to reconcile with a trip to Ottawa.
And just know that it was not easy to visit this year no, Alice was not in a good mood and Diana ran fast (and without direction) if I put her on the ground, then photographing the beautiful tulips was difficult (and I confess, that 95% of the photos were taken with someone in my arms…) hehehe.
Here are the selected photos:
I got a picture smiling… Hehhe
Flowery kisses!