Barcelona – Spain | Day 1

La Pedrera - Barcelona
La Pedrera

Our days by one of the most fascinating cities of the world were intense, to say the least. I think that’s where we walked the most of the whole trip.

Barcelona, capital of Catalunya has many and many things to see and of course we could not visit everything, but we could check out many of the main sights during our 4 days in the city (and even old dear friends we could find, look how cool!).

Getting there, we feel in the skin that Catalan, spoken in the province, is even very different from Spanish (and I dare say it looked more like French than Spanish) and we noticed the flags of Catalunya much more present than those of Spain. Soon we noticed the differences in language communication and tried to adapt, although we had no problem speaking and being understood in Spanish even, to the invês of Catalan, which is really quite difficult to understand (at least for us who do not even speak Spanish tãaao well as well).

As usual, our hotel was close to a subway station and we made use of every day of our stay there. We started the first full day of the region’s most famous and internationally recognized architect, Antoni Gaudi. And look, that as an architect, the visit to his works is a must, but even for non-lovers of architecture, the tours are show and I highly recommend.  

Here’s our first-day script. We walked 90% of the route between all these sights and obviously we could not enter at all and enjoy hours and more hours in each location, but we love each of these beautiful places that you will see in the photos below (photos were not missing on this day and it was difficult select – loved many of them):

The vast majority of places have paid entrance, especially those of Gaudi. Everywhere I read, they recommended buying tickets before to avoid queues, since access to his houses and monuments are scheduled. I think in a way inconvenient this, because we had to calculate well the day and time of visits to close with our tours. In the end it all worked out, we didn’t have to wait long in queues and the seats weren’t so crowded, especially for this idea of time and a limited number of visitors at a time.

Battló House

Incredible transformation of a conventional construction – well I always believe in the potential of places, beyond what the eyes see…
Incredible details inside Casa Battló
Alice liked the audio guide and monitor with special images of the house
It seems that everything is so well thought out…
Mimo in the souvenir shop
Highlighting this photo that it was our photographer Alice who took!
La Pedrera
Also known as Casa Milà, the building is multi family friendly and is up and running to this day, not only with fortunate residents, but also address some companies.
Sculptural chimneys – who would have thought that ornating such a basic element of a building could have such an impressive effect.
Heat cracking
Even if you don’t like the visit at La Pedrera, at least the visuals on the roof are magnificent!
Strolling through the interiors that are part of the museum, the other floors are private, so the visit is relatively short.
Angles, angles…
Plaça de la Catalunya, Mercado de la Boqueria and Les Rambles
Plaça de Catalunya marks one of the busiest regions of Barcelona…
Alice enjoyed playing with the pigeons…
Public market
St Josep La Boqueria, California
Mercado de la Boqueria – super crowded!!
Les Rambles – street famous for shops and bars – always crowded! We
were warned in the vicinity to take care of bags and backpacks because of thefts – we had no problems, but it is worth keeping an eye out …
Nice alleys!!

Kisses and until the next stop in Barcelona – part II comes right there … For those who want to follow the posts of this trip, can see the previous posts in the “tag” Spain or access the previous posts: