Diana – 1 year

Our Diana, who looks like she was born yesterday (i can't believe!) completed 1 cuddle on Christmas Day. She arrived as a wonderful gift in 2014 and now every year we have the opportunity to celebrate not only Christmas but her birthday on December 25th.
And what about our little girl, who is now 12 and a half months old. She is fearless, curious and determined. She knows what she wants and what she doesn't want (she really does not with her head or points out whatever isn't at her fingertips). There are few obstacles you can't overcome. If there's something on the couch she wants, get a toy to support and then come up. 
She's super affectionate, both with us and with the dogs. One of her first words was Eddie, as was Alice. Nowadays she quite in her tongue, but we hear mama, given, auau, baby and aliche (very rarely, for her sister), among other things we understand. He loves to eat food from big people, like pasta with sauce or anything that adults are eating and already rejects several things, doing not with his head. He loves to breastfeed and goes on to practice a few times a day and night.

What she loves most with passion is her sister. Look at Alice with an admiring look and smile at her even when Alice is not in a good mood. It's a beautiful thing to see.
Our 12-month consultation with the pediatrician was great (apart from the three vaccine injections) and she is firm and strong with her 9.9kg and 77cm tall. It has 8 teeth and a few more coming (ah the molars), all at the same time.
She hasn't stopped a minute since she started walking at 11 months. The photos I take of her come out all blurry and any toy, even if new to her, can not hold the attention of this young girl for more than 10 minutes. Diana also loved the beach, the sea and the pool. I just didn't enjoy the heat too much and would wake up straight if I didn't have a breeze (even if it was from the fan) in the room.

As this past year (2015) we were in Brazil at the time, we chose to have a little party there. Although the décor was all in the style do-it-yourself and I must confess, with some improvisations, since I ended up taking 99% of here from Canada and rode everything in a few hours with the help of the family. We ordered snacks, sweets and cake and was made the super small party with the theme Winter "One"derland. I think she had a good time!