Visiting Pisa – Italy | European Tour

Milan was our next overnight stop after Florence. But we decided to make a quick detour and spend some time visiting Pisa. It was a short visit, but totally worth it.

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Pisa with kids
Lots of flashes and hugs

The Trip

It is about 1:30h between Florence and Pisa by car, without stops. It took us a bit longer than that, but it was smooth as the kids took a nap on the way there.

Florence to Pisa – a little over 85km

We arrived in Pisa late in the morning. Upon arrival, it is easy to find the many public parking lots for tourists. Then we walked about 10 minutes to the main attraction.

Citta di Pisa
Pisa is small, as you can see…

The Leaning Tower of Pisa

The Leaning Tower of Pisa is part of the Pisa Catedral (Cattedrale di Pisa), along with a plaza (Piazza del Duomo) and a baptistery (San Giovanni Baptistery). Those were things that I definitely didn’t know.

All the main buildings…

Because of our last minute decision, we ended up not purchasing tickets in advance, neither for the tower nor the cathedral. It’s highly recommended to purchase tickets in advance if you plan to visit the interiors. The official site seems to be this one.

Pisa tower
Holding the tower with a finger!

The Piazza dei Miracoli or the whole area around the tower has a wall, which is part of the ancient medieval wall in Pisa and there is no street vendors within that area.

But just a few steps outside the wall there are a multitude of stands. These are selling from souvenirs, clothing, and many other things that you probably don’t need it, but end up buying. 🙂

Cattedrale di Pisa and the Leaning Tower of Pisa

We ended up just walking around the piazza, admiring the buildings, trying to catch that cliche picture in Pisa (holding the tower) and letting the kids blow some steam. It was great just to do that, getting to know the vibe of the place.

San Giovanni Baptistery
Just walking around the Piazza
San Giovanni Baptistery
Alice and the San Giovanni Baptistery

Soon as the kids started to get hungry and tired, so we decided to eat at a nearby fast-food place. Yes, there is a McDonald’s just steps outside the plaza. Not our first choice, but very convenient.

Alice, the photographer

We definitely recommend visiting Pisa if you can include it in your itinerary.

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