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Weekend relax – Lake Placid – Part I

* Thank you friends for the happy birthday wishes! I love it saw!

This last weekend, still remnants of my birthday, we went to spend a weekend relaxing in a hotel about 3.5 hours from here in Gatineau. The place is called Lake Placid, with about 2,600 inhabitants and is in the state of New York. Along the way, all quiet, but we passed places that looked like deserts, with abandoned houses and many collapsing… seemed straight from a horror movie… Hehe

Lake Placid has hosted 2 winter Olympics (1932 and 1980) and is to this day, a destination for many winter sports lovers due to the infrastructure already created and also some summer sports, such as golf.
We, in this whole history, neither ski nor golf lovers, we went even to contemplate the natural beauties, walk and recharge energies. The city is very charming (but not as much as Banff in Alberta…), but does not offer very things for those who are not connected to any sport, as was our case (kind of isolated)… Hehe
The snow over there hasn’t melted as much as it has been around here. The region’s most famous mountain, Whiteface, was still in intense operation and Mirror Lake, which embraces the city, was still super frozen. Speaking of snow, she came face to face every day we were there. Eita spring!
Here are many some photos of the tour:
On the way… sorry.. we can’t register the houses in depopulation…

Still on the way… Town of Malone
Saranac Lake, New

Strolling through the local trade… Very good this kind of bakery …
Mirror Lake 
Pub/Restaurant + Bonfire + Snow
Olympic Center – under construction/renovation
Towards Whiteface mountain

Whiteface mountain in the background
 We don’t ski this time.
Medical/rescue team

Photos continue in the next post… I’ll be right back… Kiss.