Arthur's Christening

As you should have seen on Instagram and Facebook, we spent just over 2 weeks in Brazil in January and took advantage of the presence of the family to perform the baptism in our youngest, Arthur. His dear godparents are the same as Alice's, that is, Aunt Adri and Uncle Renan.
This time, we organized a simple, individual ceremony in the church of the neighborhood where my parents live and it was the best of experiences so far. Super quiet, with the church very quiet, during a late afternoon mass.
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Of course, if it were possible to choose, maybe baptizing a younger baby is more convenient, because they do not want to crawl around the church and understand nothing of what is happening (Arthur also did not understand anything, but knew he wanted to leave at once, there by the middle of mass… hehe).
Check out the photos taken by photographer Ane Apio, from Passo Fundo- RS, of our special family moment:
We entering the church in procession…
Us and Arthur's godparents (and Alice): Adri and Renan
He wasn't so confident.
Dinda Adri
He is, yes, a blessing in our lives…
Little Boy
The proud and behaved sisters…
He couldn't hold on anymore – he wanted to explore every corner – glad the priest didn't care… Hehe
Blessing the water
The moment of baptism – seconds later he cried and did not find it cool… Hehe
We and the priest who performed the ceremony…
Reunited family – accumulating children
Arthur is now baptized!

Kisses and until the next…