Winterlude Festival 2017 | Ottawa

Winterlude Ottawa Rideau Canal
Rideau Channel – Winterlude 2017
This year we managed to take a lightning ride at ottawa's traditional winter festival, Winterlude. We ended up going on the last weekend of the festival and luckily we caught a beautiful day with mild temperatures and with the Rideau Canal still open (it was closed at 11 pm that same day due to positive degrees).
The only downside, let's say, is that everyone had the same idea and the whole of downtown Ottawa was crowded. The canal was full of families, skaters and passers-by, the ice sculpture area was in long lines and the Rideau Centre (shopping mall super close) was also full. So we had a lot of patience and we left come to be able to admire some of the details and taste the Beaver Tail, but still, we thought it was very worth it.
It is worth remembering that those who want to skate in the canal and are only visiting Ottawa at the time or do not have the "ice skates", there is a rental option there on the same ice. The lines were long for this, as well as for the other services of snacks and souvenirs within the Rideau Canal, this past weekend.

Here's some of the tour:

Who risks walking there?


One of the most popular accesses to Rideau Canal


There are ramps and stairs to access the Canal.


The ice is not very lysinho to skate… we chose to leave our skates at home this time…


Super nice ride… despite the dumb little thing in the photo (she was enjoying it, I swear)


Shawn Centre and the Beaver Tails stall on the Rideau Canal.


Mandatory selfie


In celebration of Canada's 150th birthday in 2017


Was the Rideau Canal full?!



Such a different scenario from summer, isn't it…

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