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Kitchen – retirement diary | The Before

Look at you dear readers, I, as a motivated architect That I am, I’m always finding ways to turn our home into a sweet home (see the hashtag #studioajhome on instagram). This is not only a task reserved only for architects or staff working in the area, many people I know are always trying to bring their style to their home, making improvements and making their corner in the world more cozy.
They say that in a blacksmith’s house, the skewer is wooden, but here at home, on the contrary, I try to make the improvements constantly and when possible (and drag Diego with me), but there are things that have no way, with two children, dogs, work and a house to keep , I have neither enough time nor skills to do the construction work myself and make the projects more accessible, since manual labor here is expensive (type carpenter, electrician and plumber).
Last year we renovated the basement and bathrooms on the second floor and i’ve been making small improvements over the months, but the kitchen has always stayed in our plans and finally this year, it’s coming out of the paper.
And I must say that reform is not well reform without a little drama right?! In short, I sold our current stove very early and the new one was so late and result: we’ve been without a stove for almost a month! Worse than true! I ended up solving part of the problem with an electric pot/frying pan, bringing ready food home and using a lot of microwave. Looking on the bright side, I learned how to make rice and cook pasta in the microwave, among other things. a new art of cooking! Lol
We spend hours and more hours emptying the kitchen furniture, which we will donate to an entity that helps low-income families and to the general panic of a couple who sympathizes a lot with organization, we spread mess through the four corners of the house. We also chose to assemble the kitchen furniture to save on the design and tell more about this saga in the next post.
Now that we are also without the kitchen for a few weeks, we are temporarily camped underground, where the laundry is serving as a kitchen and the ground floor of the house is full of the furniture we have already assembled and many boxes of those that are yet to be assembled.
In the next post, I want to talk about the project and the differences of designing kitchens in Canada x Brazil (what I remember about the projects in Brazil, because it is already many years that do not project in Brazil). But the day-day of the makeover you can follow on facebook, it will be fun! kkkk #sóquenão
The before – when we moved
Before the mess starts…
Emptying!! Eita hassle!
Emptied and ready for reform to begin..
Refrigerator will be sold and we have already taken the doors to be able to pass the doors …
My first microwave rice – it looks good!
Temporary kitchen in the laundry room…
Day 01 – complete demolition and part of the electrical part made…
Good luck to us! I’m dying to get everything back in its proper places….