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6 decor pieces to inspire you this season.

Today I bring you 6 decor pieces of inspiration for your home this season. They are ideas for you to implement in your home, with flexible pieces that could fit any month of the year, with just a few simple modifications.

That time of year arrived in the northern hemisphere where a cozy place in the house is golden. Create that Hygge moment (I talked about it in this post here), which defines a feeling of well-being, being alone or accompanied by family and/or friends.

And below you will find my selection of 6 products for the month of November. I selected stores that are found in most European countries and some, even outside Europe as well (Hello IKEA!).

I hope you will get inspired with next your choices and bring perfect warmth to your home during these cold months ahead (or in about a year’s time if you are now in spring).

  1. Candle #1
  2. Table lamp
  3. Rug
  4. Candle #2
  5. Throw
  6. Cushion
  7. Side table
  8. Armchair

The idea is to use warm tones (e.g. brown, cognac, wood) with black (industrial touch) and organic colors like beige, gray and white.

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