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6 concepts for your Hygge home

But what is hygge? This Danish word that has been appearing more and more in the world of interiors, architecture and decoration projects. I’ll share with you here in this post a little introduction to the subject, with 6 concepts for you to start applying the hygge style in your home.

But where do I start writing about something that is really being something remarkable in our daily lives and in the trajectories of the composition of our house and also the interior architecture projects that I develop. And that is so much to talk about!

The Hygge concept

Hygge (heo-ga in English) is a Danish term that represents much more than a decor style. Literally it means fun, but it goes far beyond that. To my understanding, it means “things/moments that make us happy” and provide well-being and that includes not only how your home looks like, but also your lifestyle.

A dinner with friends, a comfortable corner of the house, a cool breeze at the end of a hot day, a fantastic sunset or a hot chocolate in front of the fireplace on a cold day. There are so many things that can bring us that good feeling, which defines hygge.

In terms of interiors and decor, the hygge style has been conquering a lot of space in recent years. Hygge blends Scandinavian and minimalist concepts to create an organized, functional, but above all, comfortable and cozy environment.

You see, I love minimalism, but I’ve always found those rooms to be poorly functional and somewhat cold. It seems like there’s nowhere to sit, there’s nothing personalized, not enough storage and there’s not that feeling of coziness.

I also love the Scandinavian style, whose concepts intertwine with hygge, but I miss a bit more comfort and coziness in the spaces. Hygge style comes in to answer all my questions, both professional and personal, in terms of interiors.

Below is an introduction to Hygge-style concepts, which you can incorporate into your home:


Hygge candles

A hygge environment refers to simple yet functional things, neutral colors and especially, no clutter. It is not necessary to invest on specific customization and pricey items. IKEA is an example of a Scandinavian store that brings many good value items that can leave the house cozy and functional.


Dishes inside cabinet

The idea is to have creative solutions to store your belongings (which should, in principle, be useful) and leave only special things exposed, thus avoiding that vision of mess in the house.


Candles on bedroom set up

A large proportion of the Danes use candles on a daily basis, and even they are reportedly the largest consumers of candles in the world. It brings that warm light that leaves the atmosphere cozy. Using candles (mostly non-aromatic) has everything to do with the Hygge style.


That same idea, warm light, bringing warmth and coziness. Even better in the company of loved ones, a favourite drink and a cuddly blanket.


Candles on bed

As I mentioned before in the fireplace, the use of blankets, especially knitted are VERY welcome in the hygge style. Textures can be incorporated into pillows, curtains, carpets and bedding, for example.


Frame collage on wall

Having family photos, travel memories and even art from the children’s school to make a room personalized. It brings good memories and a conversation starting point. Of course, with a certain order and coherence, without exaggeration (at least that is what I envision).

Well, as I said, the hygge concept has several theories and specific things to talk about, so I will certainly come back with more details!

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