Alice – 3 years old

The alice birthday party this year was a week before the anniversary date this year, for strategic reasons, as we will be away on the weekend of her date. Who missed the previous year – here's the link to her 2-year anniversary

Anyway, this year's theme was cowgirl/cowboy/Jessie from the movie Toy Story. Of course, if I had let her choose a few days before, it would have been frozen (what a fever huh?!), but I thought it's very popular these days and I don't like doing the same as what everyone else is doing.

Alice saw all our preparation and running, so it wasn't a revelation when everything was ready. I think she was happier with all the kids who came and almost didn't stop the whole party quietly. 
We made a mixture of foods prepared at home and other ready-made foods and the decoration too, with things coming from Brazil (special thanks to the grandmothers, for the help), bought here or invented even (but all assembled "in house"). I think pinterest was a great source of inspiration to come up with the party that wasn't entirely Disney movie theme.
Luckily, Diego's parents came from Brazil for a visit and gave us the greatest help in decorating and preparing the delicacies. Good, because even with more hands available, it was a marathon to get everything ready. Not everything turned out exactly as I wanted, others did as well as I had planned. 
But of course it was all worth it, for our little girl who is about to complete 3 years!
Here are some pictures of the event… Hehe:
Main table ready before the party starts…
Side table stuffed too…
Of course, the birthday girl!
Details of the marshmallows…

Quitures – juices etc.

KitKat and MM's cake
The birthday cake – lots of KitKat and MM's – inspiration came from Pinterest
Happy Birthday time and Congratulations to you!
Family, family!
Photo of family a little larger – grandpas from Brazil…
The kids – almost all…
Time to cut and serve the cake – I still need a little course for this – detail that I had attentive audience …
Time to open the presents – Alice had plenty of help!

Always one of the best parts for children, right!?

The star of the party!
Canine little brothers didn't fall behind – Hand-up, outlaws, Eddie and Dexter arrived!
They look pretty dangerous, don't you think?

If anyone has any questions about the party and such – just contact us by Facebook or comments box in this post – just remember to come look for the answer later if you go here 🙂