7 years in Canada

Wait, stop the world I want to go down! 7 years ago (jáaaaa!) we ventured into one of the biggest steps of our life and I am happy to share, that yes, we are grateful that we did.
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Well, well-planned adventure, by the way, but it's still a daring undertaking. It's okay that back in 2007, when we got here, it was just the two of us, suitcases and dreams. Today we are almost 6 and we see the world in a very different way from what we saw 7 years ago.
1. Ant sensation – Hard to explain, but when we arrived, especially me who hadn't traveled much until then, I felt the largest (or rather the smallest) ant in the universe. I explain, I saw that there was a whole other society on the other side of the world functioning, living, growing and developing, whether I was there or not. Like I was just another little sand goand in a huge desert. (Oops, mixing ant with sand – could you understand the idea?)
I think that feeling was due to the fact that everything was new, in another language, with another way of being and happening. Of course, over time, the feeling was disappearing and we found our place here.
2. Nothing comes from hand kissed – This is kind of obvious, but it seems that after so long we forget how much work and obstacles we had to go through at the beginning. Starting a new life, in a new place, without headaches, hours of research and intense work and commitment, for us, does not exist.
So it's worth counting this as one of the great "poréns" when it comes to taking such a big step. We were aware of all this, but I think in real life it was at a level above expectations. Our tactic was to stand up to what was ahead and try to do the best we could, given the circumstances.
3. Homesickness – The question of living away from the family is something that never softens, I must admit. Yes, we learn to cope, but the fact that we have so many miles between us is boring. How come no one invented the teleportation machine yet???
4. Being Canadian – After 7 years here and 1 year as Brazilians/Canadians, we are once again convinced to say that yes, we feel at home.  We're used to the great miscegenation that is Canada, the way people be, how things work and stuff. Nor do we compare everything with Brazil, as we did involuntarily in the beginning.
We know the rules (the most important, at least), how our job market works and the expectations of both.
If you see, we spend a good part, if not most, of our "adult" life around here and that's very relevant in the people and parents we've become.
5. Climate – it can be 100 years and I think we will continue to complain that the winter period is the least attractive thing of the whole journey. It's not that I don't like winter. In fact I love the possibility of living in a place that has the 4 seasons well defined, but let's combine that the cold weather period, short days and lots of, but lots of snow, could be a little, nothing, shorter.
This past winter was perhaps the longest and most intense winter of the last 20 years (even people who have never left here talk about it so far) and you hear here that the next one will be the same or worse. Hold the hat, what bug will catch!!!
6. Children – Those who already have children know that the adventure of having them surpasses any other adventure that will embark on life. At least I think so. I also can't imagine anything more intense and rewarding than being responsible for a life that grows and develops daily under your protection and care.
Anyway, my point here is that it's not so easy to live this whole phase away from the nearest family. It's hard to see our daughter and soon, daughters, grow up watching their grandfathers and aunts (and uncles) on the internet for most of the year. It's always one of the most troubling exchanges, that's for sure.
On the bright side, i'm glad the technology allows us to exchange photos, talk and see each other all week. For example, ever since Diego's parents arrived a week ago, Alice has been treating them like they've been in the house all the time. I think for her the fact that she talks and sees herself on the computer is part of the kind of conviviality she knows.

7. Come and go – I still think the biggest advantage of our great adventure of coming here is still the security we feel in everyday life.
Sometimes we think about quality of life and things like that, but that's very relative. Who knows what our life would be like in Brazil today if we were staying? I think being happy with your life depends on the person and not just the place you live in.
What I always think are the factors beyond our control, things that happen whether you want it or not, as is the case with impunity and the fear that some people live in Brazil. It's not the end of the world, I know, but certain things bother and worry.
Overall, I feel that any and all obstacles we've been through during these 7 years have paid off for the fact our growing family here can feel a little safer and quieter.

And lastly, I think the most important events of this last year have been the move to new home, jobs (I've gone back to the job market and Diego is changing companies) and the fact that our family is growing. Wow, hard to get over so many things right huh!? We hope that year 8 will be full of right decisions and happiness.

Our New Home – when we first saw it… 🙂
Our first love – Alice
Our newest love – baby #2
Our fellow canines…

And to celebrate our 7 years of our coming here and the 8 years of the blog (at the end of next month!), we are thinking of a draw. What do you think??? Wait for the details!


Adri, Diego, Alice, Baby #2, Dexter and Eddie