United States

Big Apple… Part I

I'm sure I commented on the great rush that everything has been this year. Yes yes, although I'm super immediate and in a way like things move quickly, I had to explain why I didn't comment on our latest lightning trip. The kind we do there, back and forth.
Because we went to New York City once again, enjoying this holiday of Queen Victoria, which was May 23 (and Carol's birthday, ehhh! Inadmissible I do not comment on this illustrious fact, neh Carol… rsrs).
Anyway, we decided that we would go to the states again to do some shopping for baby, but we took the opportunity to take a jump in the always interesting NYC. Needless to say, we walked very well and because of that we can see a lot (that is always the idea even neh..).  We also had the company this time, Carol and Luciano went with us, which made the trip even more fun. Thanks for the partnership saw!

Starting out, we leave Friday morning (5am) and we arrive at the outlet stores (economy always!) around 1 pm. The path was quiet and was marked by fog and intense police presence in the state of New York. I think we saw at least 15 police cars along the stretch, stopping cars, measuring speeds, etc. 
In the outlets, all quiet too, now our baby girl jah has a lot of things to fill her closet, one thing more cute than the other.
Right after the outlets, we take to the hotel we previously booked in Newark (economy – again – check!). We arrived exhausted and the best option was to even rest to start the next day with total pike.
Then go the pictures of Saturday – this time I put a selection in Picasa even.
Our first day tours included the Empire State Building, The New York Public Library, United Nations Square, Guggenhein Museum (just outside), Metropolitan Museum of Art, Central Park, Top of the Rock Observatory, Times Square and dining at the restaurant Brazil Brazil (we recommend even by the way, very good…).


Changing from bag to bag, Wednesday, the 25th began our basement project, my people. Thursday before the trip, in addition to packing our bags and other things, we clean the rubble items stored in the basement, to leave the way clear to the team that will make the thing come true. And already on Tuesday, after the holiday, they installed the air conditioner, which is limited to the external unit and the connection to the pipe already present and used by the heating system during the winter. So the same thermostat is now for summer and winter. The a/c team took about 4 hours to install. Anyway, the work has begun. 


I'll be right back with more photos and reports of the trip and photos of the basement project – already warning that they will be váaarias ….

I hug you all.