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Big Apple – Part II

Second day in the great metropolis was also intense. Cloudy Sunday, with small moments where the sun appeared and several where drizzles gave the air of grace. Contrary to what we did the other times we were on the island, this time we drove to Manhattan. Before we were afraid of the apparent abusive prices of parking lots, but with good research, we ended up discovering reliable and convenient places, which turned out to be a great option both for round and back at the end of all (the two) days. To get an idea, we paid $ 12 on Saturday and $ 22 on Sunday for the whole day in the parking lot, much more worth than taking train / subway / walk without end, to come and return to Newark where was our hotel. It is worth remembering that the same values do not apply to weekdays, although we do not know how much rises, we are sure that in addition to being more expensive, traffic can be an obstacle.
Anyway, no more bla-bla-bla, let's go to the pictures!

First stop: MoMA – Museum of Modern Art
Many works by Picasso, Van Gogh etc… Details for "twin" paintings, produced by different artists and at different times…
Impressive tuning…
Design, design…
Architecture area 
Second attraction – American Museum of Natural History
T-rex, New Rex
"Buffalo" of Wall Street – financial center
You want to break the world economy, eh?
>>>>Oh what do you guys take!!!!
Relaxing area
Afternoon Tour: By Boat through Hudson Bay, Circling Manhattan… wind friiiooo…
View of brooklyn bridge
View of manhattan bridge
Statue of Liberty – at dusk…
Manhattan Island – boat view
Lights – lights!
Look what I had for dinner!!!
We had dinner at Via Brasil restaurant – on 46th Street – between 5th and 6th Avenue

Diego, Luciano and Carol in Times Square
I +1 in Times Square
Danger on highways – runaway truck on highway…
Able!!! The truck in question was being towed from behind… Hehe

Well, guys, and that was it… we always come back with a taste of quero more… I even want another day of rest the next day, since we arrived around 10:30 at night and had to work the next day… Afff


Next post I come with the basement updates – which is already beyond half … iupii..

Good week, good week.