Canadian Passport

Wow, I'm back, computer survived. While preparing the posts of the trip … there how many pictures … I decided to count our semi-saga to get the Canadian passport before our trip.

Brand new

The fact is that on the day of the citizenship ceremony they collect their permanent resident card, so without major farewells, we went to our cards that were still young (we renewed them last year, since they were worth only 5 years). Thus, knowing of our impending trip (and that without the PR cards, we could not enter Canada again), we commented with the woman in charge of checking the documents and such, that we would travel soon. We were told that we could apply for the Canadian passport two business days after the ceremony.
After all, in addition to a weekend and a holiday in the middle, with just over a week left to our trip, we got the passports paying an extra fee (urgent) and they were ready in 2 days, just 1 day before our trip…
Phew, that was close!
*I'll be back soon with the first post of the trip!