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Flying back after paradise | Caribbean Cruise

In the air
We returned from a beautiful trip aboard a ship and with several stops by small islands in the southern Caribbean. Ai a. what a paradise…
We arrived more than 1 am at home, without any clean diaper in the luggage and naturally tired, but everything went well and we did not catch turbulence on the flights … our stomach thanks…
Now someone tells me how it makes to get used to these stewardships of having the room tidy twice a day, towels always dry, tidy bed, breakfast with plenty, peeled and cut fruits, pizza and ice cream available 24 hours a day (no charge), dinners entitled to dessert every night (have I told you it was included??) and visit to some of the most beautiful beaches in the world. How, how??
All I know is that the combination of beach and food included in the value of the hotel doesn’t go much. How do you keep the corpicho ready for a day at the beach if you can eat the biggest treats of “free”? All I know is that my bathing suit was well enjoyed. The husband here said that if he had some kind of men’s bathing suit he wore too… ehhehehehehhe
Best of all was that we rested (as far as possible for those who have small children), we took a little color (except the zombie white), we made the stock of calories for autumn / winter (hahahaha) and could see our daughter scuffled on the beach and the sea, which for free, were beautiful.
We will return soon with endless posts about beaches, clear waters, ship and sun. You’re warned! 🙂