Madrid | best moments

Whenever we travel, we take so many photos, but videos are still beginning… I think about recording our wanderings more to detail, but in the rush or mess of the hour, we end up just taking pictures even or just making such videos when we have more time.

Anyway, we recorded several moments in Spain in August and although my idea is to put together a unique video of each city, with the best moments, I do not see how I would find time to sit and devote the time necessary for such (since neither the photos of Barcelona , Valencia and Seville I posted yet).

Anyway, my solution was to start posting the videos in full, without cuts, in improvisation and even clowning. Watch and tell me… Hehehehe


Here’s the first three, but subscribe to our You Tube channel so you don’t miss the next ones… 🙂 Even this first one down there is the day we visit Warner Park… eita saga!