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DIY – Entry Renovation – Part II

Baseboards have yet to be sanded and painted, quarter rounds are yet to be cut, painted and installed, it's far from the finish line, but yet, the powder room is totally usable and looks quite different from just a few weeks ago.
But below, I put together the main selection we made for the bathroom. All, I must add, are a combination of cost effective and good/clean design products. Even if I had no budget limit for this project, I probably would have selected similar products, if not the same ones. I just like the idea of being able to transform a room (respecting my design ideas) for as little investment as possible.
After fixing the walls a bit, we painted with the same grey tone we had used for some other areas in the house. Next, we installed the wallpaper, sort of a featured wall in the space. We used a pre-pasted this time and let me tell you, I did not like it. In the dining room project, we had a non pasted wallpaper and although we had to brush glue on the back before setting on the wall, it seemed a lot cleaner. This time, it was just a few minutes inside room temperature water and it was ready to apply. It does sound easier, but as it turns out, it's messier and you have to wait the paper to dry on the wall.
Then the light fixture was found, after we spent a good week without any lights on the powder room and the accessories were purchased too.

Before and after the wallpaper – with and without Eddie..

The last strip on wallpaper being installed – the different color while wet is evident.

Before and after – wallpaper and towel bar

Then, I found the mirror I was envisioning and hung it, but all of the sudden, I didn't feel right. It didn't fit well under the light fixture and I ended up making some other arrangements for him (the mirror). It looks like our old hallway mirror got a chance in another room.

The original selection and the switch. The round mirror ended up being our final selection.

Details, New Year,
Reused frame from our basement in the old house

The switch – the chosen mirror ended up in the hallway.
Note that the quarter rounds are still missing, right there where the baseboards and the tiles meet.

The official before and after 

Still on the list are the quarter rounds and the bathroom curtain – Scenes for next episode… 🙂