First, the first!

*Kind all, thank you very much for the comments on the post of baby Alice. She's liinda anyway, I'm assumed owl. It is worth remembering that I owe the post 9 months already. Already!
**Luciano: Cool!! Steptheners are on track to take over the world, aren't they?! Hehe
Paola: Time passes, time flies… Right?! You with 3 fofuras must know well … :). You can let if we have in these parts I'll touch you! Thanks.
Julia: Wow, now you're on the inside of tuuuudo… Hehehe. You know I chose the color of the wall in the baby's room before I went on the boat ride, but the truth is, I sympathized with that bank anyway… Hehe. I'll see if I talk about the dogs in a future post, but has enough veterinary and works super well. Oh, good luck in the process!
So right, a bad cold had everything to end my posts late. To thicken the broth, baby Alice also succumbed and that's when I saw that it was all down the drain. We're getting better, very slowly, but we're….
Well, as I was already delayed in the posts of the same trip, I decided to catch up on what is happening for now and then go back there in the huge postsfilled photos and stories in the sequence. OK!?
Sunday was our 5th Canada Day (wow) and once again we were present there in Parliament. This time we went earlier, around noon and we came across a lot of sun and heat and a crowd. So much so that we couldn't even get into the courtyard of Parliament, where the stage was and shows going on. But that's ok,we took our photos to record the first day of Canada for the little Canadian of the family.