Halloween 2012

*Muriel – glad the photos inspire you!! I'm not much on the process, but it seems to me that you've been more selective and restricted lately… I think having a family even counts for more points, if I'm not mistaken.
**Pat – cool that you will come here. Gatineau Park is well worth a visit. 
Sibele – I have no knowledge of any free English courses for foreigners here… sorry, sorry. One place you can find winter clothes with prices in mind is in value village

Watch out for vampiiiiroooo…
Halloween kind of humid, but the weather gave a truce to the crowd and it did not rain during the trick or treat. About 60 kids came by the house to get candy.
This year, like last year, we decided not to go with Alice pro trick or treat. She still does not understand and who would end up eating the sweets were us (hence spoils the diet…. hehe). But she had fun watching the costumes, got scared by some, and gave a lot of bye-bye to everyone.
I just have to remember to buy more candy next year. There was a lot of marmanjo asking for candy too and the number of children seems to have increased, anyway, almost we run out of candy to give …
The witch, the ladybug and the vampire…
Last minute witch and ladybug
Beautiful ladybug
Vampire and the tongued ladybug
Ladybug – walking around…
Is it a ladybug mutation with rapunzel??? There's doubt! 🙂
And you guys, did you have a good Halloween? I have seen that in Brazil this wave is growing!