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IKEA Guide for Immigrants | the kitchen

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Well, after the bedroom, I believe that the kitchen is a good environment to continue to compose your new home, but I must confess that it took a dame to assemble this list, due to the numerous items and the wide variety of styles that people can have in this Environment.
My idea here is to list some of the basic products to start your kitchen, but I know there are many options from where these items can be purchased, like Dollarama, Walmart and HomeSense, for example.

But as I explained in the previous post, this guide is for those who want to make a stop only and buy everything in the same place or even have a basis of comparison.
Most of the time, properties rented and purchased here in Canada already come with the full kitchen, including furniture, tops, sink and faucet etc, ready to use. A large majority also come with electrometics (stove, refrigerator and dishwasher), but it is not a rule. Therefore, I will include a basic estimate of the prices of electrometics essential to complete the most popular environment of the home sweet home, in case you have to acquire them right away.
IKEA subdivides all the important items for cooking into cooking and eating products, as well as the kitchen menu, where you will find, among other things, the kitchen furniture itself and the electrometics.

COOKING (for cooking)

In this selection of elements that involve the cooking part, you will see some basic products, thinking about the first few months even and the day-to-day tasks in the kitchen.
Many of these items, as I have already said, can be found in various stores, especially Dollarama. But I must say that some IKEA products come out cheaper until in Dollarama, for example, the set of plastic pots (14) and the kit of pot utensils (6), so it is worth giving a research to save a few dollars.

  1. Sponges – SVAMPIG sponge – CAD $1.99 (kit with 3)
  2. Pan-holder – HEAT trivet – CAD $4.99 (with 3 pieces)
  3. Fruit knife – SKALAD pairing knife – CAD $1.99
  4. Chopping board – LEGITIM chopping board – CAD $2.99
  5. Dish runner – FINTORP drainer – CAD $16.99
  6. Utensil kit – SPECIELL 5-piece kitchen utensils – CAD $4.49 (with 5 pieces)
  7. Grater – IDEALISK grater – CAD $4.99
  8. Baking way – KONCIS roasting pan – CAD $14.99
  9. Bottle opener – IDEALISK corkscrew – CAD $3.99
  10. Pizza cutter – STAM pizza cutter – CAD $2.00
  11. Silicone glove – STINN oven mitt – CAD $2.99
  12. Pots Set – OUMBARLIG cookware set – CAD $79.99 (7 pieces)
  13. Drainer – IDEALISK colander – CAD $9.99
  14. Plastic pot kit – PRUTA food container set – CAD $4.99 (17 pieces!)
  15. Peeler – STAM peeler – CAD $2.00
  16. Cake shape – DROMMAR baking pan – CAD $9.99
  17. Utensil holder – ORDNING utensil holder – CAD $4.99
  18. Dish cloth – TEA-TOWEL BUTTON – CAD $0.69

The honorable mentions from the top group, go to items 6 and 14, for being kits with great prices, 9 for opening both bottles of wine and beer and 17 for being present in the vast majority of houses around here, because it has several utilities.

EATING (to eat)

Most of the products on this list are for complacing the dining table (which you don't even have yet), the kitchen countertop or wherever you go to make your meals.

  1. Set of dishes – FARGRIK 18-piece dinnerware – CAD $24.99
  2. Utility cart – BYGEL utility cart – CAD $39.99
  3. Glass bowl – TRYGG serving bowl – CAD $2.99
  4. Cutting knives – SNITTA knife – CAD $3.99 (with 4 knives)
  5. Glass bottle – IKEA 365+ carafe with stopper – CAD $4.99
  6. Cup set – GODIS glass – CAD $5.99 (for 6 cups)
  7. Stainless 100 – BLANDA BLANK serving bowl – CAD $7.99
  8. Glass of red wine – SVALKA red wine glass – CAD $0.95
  9. Door-holder – SOMMAR place mat – CAD $3.00
  10. Drawer cutlery separator – VARIERA flatware tray – CAD $9.99
  11. Plastic jar – MAKULERA jug – CAD $2.99
  12. Napkin holder – LIKSIDIG napkin holder – CAD $4.99
  13. Mug set – FARGRIK mug – CAD $3.96 (for 4 mugs)
  14. Cutlery set – MARTORP 30-piece flatware – CAD $39.99

APPLIANCES (electrometic)

Refrigerator – BETRODD bottom-freezer – CAD $1499
Stove – BETRODD range with ceramic cooktop – CAD $799
Dishwasher – RENLIG built-in dishwasher – CAD $699

It's a hand in the wheel if you don't need to buy the main kitchen electrometics, but you may happen to like a place and not come included. This selection has the stainless dish refrigerator, electric stove (which is in most kitchens around here) and dishwashers without great luxuries, but with stainless heart interior (which I think is a good one). Although all are modest choices, they serve in several kitchens around here, because they are standard size and break, are stainless in the outside, which is what most people prefer here.699
You still have the option to buy used, on sites like kijiji or usedottawa, but will arrange transportation for the items as they are people selling and not shops.


At IKEA there are no small electrometics, like electric coffee makers, toasters, mixers etc, but a fresh coffee always goes well, especially after so many purchases and being in Canada, you end up becoming a fan of coffee (most of the time).  We love this French-style manual coffee maker (UPPHETTA coffee/tea maker – CAD $9.99).
Another thing that leaves a charm and guarantees your clean clothes after hours in the kitchen are these ikea aprons (SOMMAR apron – CAD $9.99). It may not seem like such a big expense, but it's not an essential item, so it came here for the bonus (or would it be essential for some people?! hehehe).
Last, but not least, sparkling/champagne glasses (SVALKA champagne glass – CAD $0.95 each), because every victory in an immigrant's new life are moments worth celebrating right! No problem that if you don't drink champagne it can be a water Perrier, chic chic… Hahaha

Let's go to the numbers:

Cooking – CAD $178.03
Eating – CAD $159.65
Appliances – CAD $2997
Bonus – CAD $23.78

As a summary of the kitchen, the total investment in the kitchen already with HST (rates in Ontario = 13%) it will be CAD $3,795, but don't forget that most of the value is the big electrometics and without them, the low bill for CAD $408.44.

I hope it's useful! If anyone remembers something essential that I forgot, let me know here or through our FB page. And who lost the first environment, the room, access below:

Kisses and even the next!