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IKEA Guide for Immigrants | the room

After a month and a half in Canada, there in 2007, it was time to set up our corner. We rented a one bedroom apartment with approximately 53m2 and the first thing we needed was a place to sleep other than the floor.

For this reason I find the room, or rather the bed, the first essential purchase for anyone who is setting up their home around here.
I then selected some important ittems to compose the environment, since only with bed does not make a room. I already point out that as IKEA is large, has several furniture options for most tastes and styles, this selection is very personal. You may be able to make a combination of furniture cheaper or may not enjoy the design of the furniture I chose so much, this post serves as inspiration even.
I also think it's important to comment that many of the things you'll buy there, in the first few months of Canada, will possibly accompany you for many, many years, many other residences, moments and environment settings, so the tip is to choose items that you enjoy not only now, but as in your future home as well.
I know it's kind of crazy to think about the next villa, when you don't even almost have the first one, but believe me, time flies and when you see it, it's moving everything to a bigger and better place (own experience). We have several furniture of our little start still in use here at home and I believe we made good choices at the time (good!!).

1. Bed frame

This bed I chose is not new, but it is a good option for using space. Here in Canada, the vast majority of rooms already come with the closet/closet as part of the layout of the environment (literally built as part of the room and not closets purchased) and then, in addition to the closet, which is often small, you can store things or even bedding underneath it.
I believe that the Malm line from IKEA is super clean and goes with different styles of decoration, it comes in 2 sizes and 2 colors. I recommend buying Queen size, to be used for posterity, unless your environment does not allow it.

MALM Pull up storage bed – queen size – CAD 424

2. Blanket/Duvet Cover

Ikea blankets, as many light as the warmest ones don't come with a cape. Therefore, to make your nighttime experience more comfortable, a blanket cover will be more than necessary.
I chose one of the cheapest, but they break the branch super well. I also like shades of gray as they are more neutral and you can easily combine with other pillows on the bed and accessories, but of course, this goes by the personal taste of each.
The Kit comes with the queen size cover and 2 pillow covers (not necessarily pillowcases), because I find it a little rough to sleep.

KRAKIS duvet cover and pillow case – CAD 12.99

3. Bedside table/drawer chest

I know a lot of people have that same drawer for the room, including us. Ours are being reused in other environments at the moment, but have been our faithful companions for a long time. They have a super basic design, but I think there's the charm. On top of that, the two drawers are super useful for storing clothes or other necessary items.
This furniture is from the same bed line, MALM and is available in 6 colors.

MALM 2-drawer chest – CAD 69.99

4. Curtains

Some of the rented and some purchased properties come with the bracket ready for the placement of the curtain, which is an advantage (otherwise you have to buy and install – have at IKEA).
I don't think a lot of people care about the morning light hitting their eyes or their neighbors' eyes admiring their nocturnal habits. Anyway, I like privacy and a certain dark to sleep.
These curtains combine charm and function of blocking the light as they are black-out style. Combining the useful with the nice, without necessarily needing to install blinds. The item already comes with 2 curtains and ready to hang. They also include a kind of sticky tape for you to adjust the curtain bar if you need to.

MARJUN block-out curtains – CAD 69.99

5. Mattress

This item is what I consider most personal, for the most diverse preferences we have. Some prefer the softer mattress, others firmer. Some like spring mattress, others foam. The options are many.
I separated here for the post a model of springs that is an investment because a good night's sleep is essential, as well as waking up without back pain hehe. It is not the most expensive in the store, but an intermediary, but you can save if you want (as in all items, in fact).
It is worth remembering that I opted for the combination bed + mattress and not mattress + base box, more for the sake of bed storage space and the fact, obviously, the bed already has built-in headboard, thing that the mattress + base box does not have.
IKEA has some base box options too if you follow that path and cost on average for queen size, CAD 175.

HESSTUN spring mattress – queen size – CAD 499

6. Pillows

One more thing that goes very much to everyone's taste. IKEA has several options of pillows, including feathers and memory foam, in addition to conventional and most of them come rolled, like a rocambole, to save space, I think super cute hehe.
This one I chose is filled with polyester fiber and looks pretty comfortable, but you might want to put your head in various showcases in the store to choose yours.

AREMPRIS pillow, queen size – CAD 14.99

7. Table lamp

A curiosity of the rooms here in Canada, especially in not so new properties, is that it does not have with light on the ceiling. To this day I do not quite understand why and what you find in most cases is one of the light sockets of the headboard, connected to the switch at the entrance of the room. 
So it won't just be useful as an essential lamp next to the bed and maybe you might even need a few more.
Some, if not most ikea table lamps think they are easy to change only the top if you get sick of the look.
ARSTID table lamp – CAD 19.99

8. Drawer of drawers

To follow the design of the bed and bedside table, the drawer is also from ikea's MALM line. As I said before, the closets of the rooms here already come built in the environment and usually comes only with a long clothes rack and with luck, a shelf on it and that's it space for folding clothes. This furniture also serves to put the television in the room, if you come to have one in this environment.
A drawer of this same line only that higher a little is very useful to us to this day. The one I chose also serves as a bedside table if the room is large enough to make them.

MALM 3-drawer chest – CAD 99

9. Warmer blanket

Winters in Canada are no joke, as you know. Despite the heating in all the environments of the house, at bedtime is how often do the lower temperatures outside, the loss of heat by openings and the walls even, happens and you can feel the coolest environment on the freezing days here.
Just like pillows, there are several options of blankets/duvets at IKEA and everything goes a lot from the preferences of each. They divide there into extra warm, warm and thin blankets to suit all temperatures.
I think it's a good time to buy a hot and a thin one to start with, so you can use both if you have so much cold and one or the other on a day-to-day basis.

HONSBAR duvet, warmer – queen size – CAD 69.99

10. Thinner blanket

As I said in the previous item, having both blankets is great also because temperatures and sensations vary and we have to get used to the differences. We use this fine in spring and autumn, when it's already cold, but not freezing out there.
Also, many of the apartment buildings have central air conditioning and even in summer, you can leave a pleasant temperature that can cover yourself to sleep. And for less than 10 doletas too, it's worth it.

DUVET MYSKGRAS, cooler – queen size – CAD 9.99

11. Sheetset

Okay, I guess I don't need to explain the need for this item right! But like most things at IKEA, you'll find several types. In the case of sheets, with more or less threads and etc.
Curiosity around here is that the absolute majority of bed sets sold are smooth in color and not printed. I love it, i'm glad.
I recommend starting with 1 set only even (which in the case of IKEA includes the sheet with elastic, the top and two pillowcases), because as here things go to dryer after washing, you will always have clean sheets and dry at the end of the day. If you want, still warm of the machine.

DVALA sheet set – full/queen size – CAD 23.99

12. Hangers

They may seem like too basic an item to make up this list, but how are you going to use that long clothes rack in your closet if you don't buy some hangers to begin with. You will find the plastic ones at IKEA too, but these wooden ones are more durable and beautiful.

Bumerang hanger – package with 8 – CAD 5.99


In short then folks, I think these are the essentials for your first Canadian room. Let's go to the values:
Total room (according to my selection): CAD 1,424.88 + rates, which here in Ontario are 13%, then the math of the day scare goes to CAD 1,610.11 for your purchases with the room.

If you are still motivated, below are some bonus items, to leave your room with a more welcoming face still… Hehe

ONSKEDROM cushion – CAD 5.99 (cushion)MONGSTAD mirror – CAD 129 (floor or wall mirror)FERLE rug – CAD 39.99 (rug)MYRARP picture – CAD 34.99 (big frame 1.4m x 1m)ORMHASSEL throw – CAD 24.99 (blanket)

Kisses and access the next environment below:

* all photos of the items and furniture were taken from the IKEA Canada website.