2013 Ottawa Ribfest

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During June 19-23, Ottawa hosted about 14 ribbers for the Ottawa Ribfest or pork chop festival. It sounds funny even, but business is taken seriously and the people here appreciate it a lot. 
Caravans with the trucks of the costarives come from various areas of the USA and participate in festivals throughout North America. There is even competition of the best sauces, best rib and such, since they are produced (the sauces) artezanalmente and the chops are roasted with charcoal, firewood and gas, among the various groups of chops. Trophies are exhibited with greater pride.
The festival took place this year at Sparks St.  (I think it's always there), which is a boardwalk style street and that's one block from Ottawa's Parliament. We passed there on the weekend and it was very fun and the best, the ribs were a delight even …
Piggy posing…
Behind the panels is the truck /kitchen – prepared for this type of events
Ribs – pork chops – had chicken too…
Another of the ribbers
This one on the right, we call it "the gauchos", because of the panel
You have to prove it, of course!
It's there!
Wood-fired and gas
Hard work!
It seems that it was well approved – the garbage around the region was crowded…