Trip to Riviera Maya | Playa del Carmen | Mexico

trip to Riviera Maya
Pool on the beach sand – perfect place for a photo!

In this post we will talk about our trip to Riviera Maya, more precisely Playa del Carmen.

We decided to use March break to do as several Canadians do and escape the never-ending winter. After doing a lot of research, we found a good package to Mexico. The only drawback was that the flight left from Montreal, and not Ottawa.

The flight left really early on Sunday. To make things easier, we booked a hotel near the airport with free shuttle, and drove to Montreal on Saturday. For that, we used Park, Sleep & Fly, which combined the hotel night, plus we could leave the car parked in their property for a week.

Plane arriving in Riviera Maya
Arriving in Mexico

After 40 minutes by shuttle bus from Cancun airport, we arrived at our resort. If you want to book a private shuttle, we recommend Canada Transfers.

The Resort

As for the resort, we chose Ocean Riviera Paradise by H10 Hotels. We selected this resort based on the combination of price, distance from the airport, activities for children and online reviews. In the end, it still surprised us positively, for its organization, cleanliness and attention to detail.

In addition, we also found it really interesting for families with children. For instance, the resort included a structure with water slides, shallow pool, playground, kids club, bowling alley, and so many other things.

Alice on shuttle from Cancun Internation Airport to Riviera Maya
Alice on our shuttle to the resort.
Ocean Riviera Paradise resort entrance in Riviera Maya
Resort entrance
View of the beach in the resort
Trash bins with sand on top for cigarettes… 🙁
But always clean and stamped with the name of the hotel… details, details!

The resort had this amazing children’s water park in one of the areas, but the girls didn’t really spend a lot of time there. Actually, they preferred to stick to their routine of spending the day by the sea, playing in the sand and enjoying a deeper pool where they could swim.

The Beach

Waterpark in the resort in Riviera Maya
Super cool children’s pool – look at the size of this structure!
Playground in the resort
Being in the sand – that’s all he wanted!
Ocean Riviera Paradise, New Year
Didi testing an authentic Mexican hat in the souvenir shop inside the resort…

From the entrance of the hotel to the beach it was about 10 minutes walking, so the resort had a “shuttle” every 10/15 minutes that made several stops along the main “road”. The landscaping, the natural vegetation, benches and sidewalks were super well maintained and there were garbage cans for everything.

Ocean Riviera Paradise, New Year
Main “street” of the resort with shuttle taking visitors from the entrance to the beach
Everything well kept
Ocean Riviera Paradise, New Year
View from our balcony
Ocean Riviera Paradise, New Year
Entrance to one of the buildings
Ocean Riviera Paradise, New Year
Foyer in our block
Ocean Riviera Paradise, New Year
Our room
Ocean Riviera Paradise, New Year
Lunch in the beach
Ocean Riviera Paradise, New Year
Ocean Riviera Paradise, New Year
Restaurant near the beach
Bubble bath in the pool
Ocean Riviera Paradise, New Year
A bit too much!! 🙂
Ocean Riviera Paradise, New Year
Relaxing in the hammocks
Ocean Riviera Paradise, New Year
Free to use… big help with kids
There were wild animals in an preserved area inside the resort
The beach… could use a little less seaweed…
Ocean Riviera Paradise, New Year
View from the beach pool area
Alice exploring…
Seaweed became part of the play
Did I mention there was a lot of seaweed?
Ocean Riviera Paradise, New Year
Having fun in the sand… and shade…
Ocean Riviera Paradise, New Year
Family night out

That was a great trip to Riviera Maya. We hope to come back some day.