Paris – France | Part 3/final.

Panorama of the Tower of Montparnasse

Phew, until at last the report of Paris. It’s just that you see, there were lots and lots of pictures in this unforgettable city. Many of them I wanted to show here and report what happened and such, but just can not, right. So I grouped the photos and even gave 3 posts. Finally, the last 2 days have been intense almost like the first few days. We selected the points we wanted to go and we hadn’t been able to get to know it yet and there we went…  

Map of the metro and trains of Paris – looks complicated, but it is not no.
Moulin Rouge on the right… going up towards Sacre-Coeur on the left.
Sacre-Coeur – inside and out

The basilica was busy, but really quiet. After the huge crowds in the Louvre, all the seats seemed empty to me… or almost…

View from the top of the hill in front of Sacre Couer

After Sacre Couer we decided to visit the Pantheon. I thought it was a lot cooler than I expected. Definitely in the top three places to visit in Paris, at least in my opinion. We were impressed by the magnitude and beauty.  

Visit to Pantheon
Watch at the Pantheon
More from inside the Pantheon

After that, we decided to visit the Gardens of Luxembourg.

Walk in the gardens of Luxembourg. Super nice. We could see a lot of people relaxing in the sun or just enjoying the beautiful day.

We almost didn’t go to this, since it wasn’t much cited on tourism websites and such. But, write down, it’s worth it and it was almost empty, a sign that a lot of people don’t even put it in the ethinerário anyway…

MontParnasse Tower

On the last day, before we took the train to Amsterdam, we went to the Rodin Museum, the famous sculptor. Very interesting. This was another tourist spot that we chose kind of by chance and it was very worth it.

Rodin Museum
Gardens and sculptures of the Rodin Museum
Last of the tours was the Museum of Weapons and Invalids
Napoleon’s tomb and another detail of the Invalides and in the larger photo, the Gare du Nord station, from where our train leaves for Amsterdam

Considerations from our experience in Paris:  

  • If you have small children, consider options other than the train for going from the airport to downtown.
  • The French capital is not known for its accessibility. Baby strollers won’t fit into the tiny restaurant doors and hotel rooms. The endless staircases on the subway and the huge steps to get on the trains were not friendly at all. Luckily we were in two. Depending on the size of the children, I strongly recommend an umbrella stroller.
  • We bought the Museum Pass during our days in Paris. It was easy to use and we saved both on the price of individual tickets and by skipping some lines. Just to remind you, this pass does not include entry to the Eiffel Tower and some other sights.
  • We couldn’t get up to the Eiffel Tower because there was only one elevator working. The line was endless when we got there late in the afternoon. We were told afterwards that after dark the line is smaller. As we had a little baby, we could not wait there until 10 or 11 in the evening, because she was already tired at the end of the day.
  • Four and a half days is not enough to see everything, but we could see a lot of things because our pace is always accelerated. No long breaks for shopping or extended meals. Next time we want to leave more time to enjoy the city…
  • Our French was almost enough. Problem is they listened to our accent and then switched to English… We had no problem speaking English anywhere, and everyone was very receptive.

Next stop, Amsterdam.