Montreal – Part I

Montreal and part of motorsport,
As you may have noticed in the title of the post, the events of the last weekend will be separated by chapters, and it would be impossible to post the 240 photos in the same post … Hehehe
Ari and Lourdes, Diego’s parents, are here with us, realizing the first visits from Brazil at newhome. Therefore, we planned right away a trip to Montreal and Ville de Québec, to also show the Quebecoises beauties to them (and we who also did not know Ville de Québec).
On Friday the 1st, we went for a walk through Montreal and began to feel the atmosphere of Formula 1 through the city’s central streets. We heard about Crescent Street, where events are held and stands are set up related to motoring.

Another Hard Rock Cafe for the collection, this time in Montreal.

Christian Fittipaldi’s car

Finishing the purchase… Hehe

Pure greed… Hehehe

Ferrari Enzo
Another maaaquina…
Lamborguini, New

Street full of gems…. Diego and I were even interviewed by the Ferrari people, it looks like it’s going to be on the Dvd of Ferrari fans around the world…

Mont-Royal – Montreal – Quebec – Canada

Below and above Oratory St. Joseph – Montreal

Soon comes part II, presenting Ville de Québec…