Wild Picnic

Earlier this month we had a picnic at Diego's company at his boss's house. Staff and their families were invited and the day cooperated, it was sunny (but not cracking) and overall very pleasant.
But that's not what I came to talk about specifically. The most interesting fact was the activities for the children, such as trampoline and inflatable drainer, face paintings and a show of a reptéis zoo here in Ottawa. 
We never visited Ottawa Reptile Zoo (reptéis and other animals), but now has entered our list such the resourcefulness of our girl without fear to the pets brought to the picnic for a mini-show. 
Alice liked both the show of reptéis and the popsicle rsrsrs. In the show, she wanted to catch or pass her hand in t-o-d-o-s the possible animals, among them a tarantula, a scorpion, an iguana, 2 snakes, 1 alligator, 1 tortoise, among others. We can't register her with all the bugs she's caught without any fear, but there's some of the best down there. Look at this.
Face painting

Did they offer princess and pink painting? They got it right.

Such a lady we have


Alice and the tarantula – eita courage!


Jacare, New

The big snake

Is there anything more normal than petting a 10-foot snake? I don't think… Lol

I really admire this spirit without fear of children, but of course we had high conversations with her after the event so she does not put her hand in everything that is animal that sees ahead … Danger!