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I’ve been feeling guilty for the past month, at least, for not coming more often to this space and not sharing the great projects that have been going on around the house lately. Never thought life would be so busy, working almost full time, having a threenager and a baby on the way and making our house feel more like a home to us.
Unloading 55 boxes of flooring + extra materials
Diego’s muscles – 1 x 0 – boxes
The idea of renovating your house yourself to make it a home you want is so appealing that I can’t help myself, but to drag Diego into it, and Alice and the dogs and our social life. As an architect, there are things that you just can’t fight with.
What is this thing called social life, which we totally gave up for the past month or so? And beautiful nails and scratch-less skin. That’s a few of the perks of having projects inside the house done – don’t have time (or energy, really) to meet with friends, host dinners, go outdoors that much and take care of ourselves that well. 🙂
I’m not complaining whatsoever. We choose do it ourselves because we (or just I?) enjoy the process and of course, we love to save a few $$$$ along the way. I will find more time to come here and share the projects we’ve been working on, but I did want to highlight that is not as easy (or fast) as it looks. I guess, besides having spaces that are pleasant to our eyes, we get some workout done during the process, huh? Savings on contracting labour and gym membership, how about that? 🙂
Paint colors – many rooms around the house
Our little helper (who’s been watching a lot of cartoons lately, due to our busy schedules…)
Our master bedroom yesterday – and today, and possibly tomorrow…
The photos in this post don’t show all the projects we’ve been working on, so stay tuned, there’s a lot more to come in the home improvement/DIY part of our little blog.