Tulip Festival | 2008

Hello dear guys!
What to do if you don't talk about the flowers…?
Especially the tulips that are in their turn to take care of the ottawa landscape. Good for coloring the urban landscape and even better for bringing all the energy that spring has to offer.
We were at Gatineau Park last weekend and we were surprised by the extent of the park. We digirimos inside the park for about 25 minutes and did not travel even 15% of it. The staff takes the opportunity to go cycling there, but unlike us, they all seem super professional pedal (fully equipped etc).
We were also in Jacques Cartier Park, also in Gatineau, which is one of the visitation points of the tulip festival. And earlier, on another weekend, we were in Major's Hill Park, where the main events of the festival take place and where the Internation Pavilion is located with stands from various countries, with its typical foods, traditions and Trinkets.

Wooden tulips
In the international pavilion

Diego didn't miss his chance to pose with the Olympic mascots…

Me and Josi in the Brazilian stand attacking a coxinha and a…
One of the lakes in Gatineau Park
Map of Gatineau Park

Beautiful tulips…

Sea of tulips in Jacques Cartier Park

What a view!! Parliament in the background…