The glamour of -40ºC

That Canada is cold, everyone already knows. Some people don't think they're even going to see it here, check it out. Maybe it's the long winters and gray days we have around here.
These past few weeks have lived up to Canada's fame. Extreme cold alerts almost daily. 
The truth is, life is still around here. Everybody goes to work, goes to the supermarket, to the gym. 
This morning, according to a local radio station, around 7am it felt like -41.6ºC, the lowest recorded on February 16 and the lowest temperature since March 6, 2007. Ottawa also took the coldest capital cup in the world this weekend.
Even with the friaca, we left me and the girls today with -21ºC of real temperature and -32ºC of thermal sensation. Although Diana's still a little girl, we try not to be locked in the house. We warm up well, heat up the car a little early and here we go. I had to park half away from the entrance and we ran to escape the cold, which even in the sun, begins to freeze the ends in a few minutes (if they are not protected).
The same glamour, or rather the lack of it, comes time to get out of the car, turned on jackets, hats. gloves, if you touch the dirty car (does not stop clean because of the snowy streets), boots dripping from the snot of the street etc.
It's not all beautiful, no!

Earlier today with a feeling of -34ºC
Super cold, but the snot on the street does not decrease …

Family reunited – dogs were guarding the house… Hehe

State of the entrance hall — always a snot when we arrived

Diego ready to go get some snow…

Car washed the day before – affff