Touristing in Ottawa – Parliament

Although Ottawa is a relatively small city with attractions that can be visited in a short period of time, I consider it has many things to do around here.
I will confess that we have not even been to all the tourist places in the area yet, even after 4 years (by the way, countdown, missing +/- 1 month to complete 4 years in this terrinha).
Tonight we went to check out the light show in Parliament. And I'll warn you beforehand, if you're in Ottawa from July 6 to September 6, be sure to check out the show, because it's pretty cool.
It is a free event called Mosaika and narrates Canadian history through light and sound, exploring the physical, historical and cultural context of the country, all projected onto the façade of the main building of Parliament.  It is every night lasting 30 minutes. In July, when nightfall later, the show starts at 10pm, august at 9:30pm and the few days of September starts at 9pm. Just go to parliament and find a spot on the grass or anywhere in the front area. 
We went on a Friday night and was beeem busy, we were even surprised. There are a few moments that we recorded during the show.

Oh Canada!!