Ottawa Tours

In the last week of Ari and Lourdes here, we took the opportunity to go to the War Museum here in Ottawa, take a quick visit to Gatineau Park and obviously a barbecue. 
Remembering that the War Museum has free admission on Thursdays, from 4 to 8 pm, so we take the opportunity to go that day and save some $. 🙂 We had already gone last year with my parents, also on a Thursday, see the post here.
And as for the barbecue, a few months ago we learned of a supermarket that sells picanha here in Ottawa. It seems that there was a Brazilian who worked in the butcher shop there and spread the cut so appreciated by Brazilians, but unknown to Canadians. The fact is that you have to call to book (and you can call for even picanha, which they understand), because like every item appreciated, it ends quickly. We discovered this when we went there and the 2 picanhas (?? what?) they had that day had already been sold. We had to settle for steak without picanha this time, which ended up being special in the same way, due to company.

Ari posing in war costumes from various eras and countries
How about massranging as a tree in a battle? Does it serve these days for halloween costume? Lol

Maquet – they even look like mine from architecture school… jura right
Lourdes, Diego and Ari: look at the size of the ammunition… Creed

Trench full of surprises… the flash lit up but the place is all dark… Uhhh

One of the cars Hitler used…
The captain and the soldier (or would he be a sailor??) lol

Tanks of various eras and sizes…

Replica (not life-size) monument in downtown Ottawa

Museum entrance…


Pink Lake at Gatineau Park
Champlain Belvedere – Ottawa Valley in the background

Gatineau-Ottawa in the background


Barbecue and good chimarrão… lighting the fire…
While the meat is roasting, we have fun…
You're going to start ate… Humhumm